Friday, March 9, 2012

Runway Inspired Challenge #7: Submission 2

I worked out the kinks (see previous post for details) and here is my second attempt to win RIC. I was sad to see that fat roll go, but I have to keep moving forward with my attempts at card success. It was just not my day to shine! LOL!

On a side note, I found my Denami baby card on PINTEREST. Some sweet soul thought my card (which lost by the way) and blog was PINTEREST worthy. That discovery made losing 5 challenges in a row a little less painful. I'm really not keeping track...yes I am.

isn't it weird how light can effect a card? These pics are of the same card, yet they look totally different. I couldn't decide, so you get the pleasure of seeing both!

Check out RIC

It might as well be CARD/FASHION WEEK here on my blog, because I have much more to share using this inspirational photo, see you tomorrow!



  1. Love those balloons floating up above the buildings! Definitely like the lighting on the first card better, though. Very cute! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog, too!

  2. So glad you are playing along again! I love the lighting in the first pic- very dreamy. And the balloons look awesome floating above the rooftops!

  3. i like the first picture more. but the design is fabulous in any lighting! great work.


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