Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sketchbook Saturday Guest Designer and Being Awesome

My blogging friend Chupa has a sketch posted live every Saturday and you can play along. This time she invited me to join her. Did anyone tell her I kind of stink at sketches? They scare me, but the fear comes from the unknown of it. So my goal for 2013 is to do more sketches and conquer the fear! 

Here is the sketch:

Funny, I kind of designed a card that looks like the sketch HERE, but I didn't know it was a sketch at the time! (Maybe I am a sketch person after all?) So anyway, I had to come up with a new design...

I used a scrap piece left over from a card to make the vellum overlay. You can see the card and a video I did to create this HERE.

Stamps: Amuse Grunge Sunrays, Stampin Up! 5th Avenue Floral
Dies: PTI Headline alphabet, Penny Black Butterfly
Ink: Distress Ink Barndoor Red, 
Other: zing white embossing powder , versa mark, gold gems, gold polka dot paper

If you want to play along with the sketch, check out her blog!

So it's been a while since we talked about the blogging handbook. This is where I discuss my blogging journey with you as there is no handbook. So how are you all doing out there? Are you feeling good about the art you are creating? the recognition you are or are not getting?

Me? Well blogging is a bit like life really.  It feels like a roller coaster. Sometimes a bunch of great opportunities happen and I feel like a rockstar. And then there are times NOTHING happens and I feel like no one likes me (or my work) and a total LOSER! There are weeks that I am so busy, lots going on and the social calender is full. I think, wow, I am just awesome. And then someone cancels or one of my kids has a bad day and I feel so NOT AWESOME.

In those times, I try to remember this:

Cuz I am a glass half full kind of gal :) there is always AWESOME ahead, just got to keep marching forward.

Ok pep talk over. Go make a card, call a friend, kiss your kids and be awesome!


  1. By the looks of this card, I'd say you are "AWESOME" at using sketches Wida! I'm loving how delicate the butterfly is. The bold red rays add an unexpected pop of color and contrast.

    I really enjoyed your pep talk about blogging. I bet most of us feel this way from time to time.;) Now I'm off to check out your video! Have great weekend!!!

  2. Hey, this card IS awesome Wida. Love those red rays!

    Oh yes, I can relate to your roller coaster analogy. Very much so. I, too, enjoyed your pep talk. I'll need to re-read it...regularly.
    Thanks Wida!

  3. I agree with Jackie above! No way you're bad with sketches because what you did with this one is stunning!!! I want a brooch with that gorgeous butterfly :)
    Ah, blogging... cometimes it's a rollercoaster, right? You're doing an amazing job, Wida, and I'm sure all the seeds you're planting through are blooming and will keep blooming. Just not all at the same time, right? Happy weekend!

  4. ooops! I meant all the seeds you're planting through this blog :)

  5. I SO know what you're talking about.. blogging gives me as much pleasure as it gives me disappointment at times. Sometimes I share this post that took me two days from design to type and I'm really proud of it... and there comes nothing. LOL
    I guess we just have to learn to roll with it :)
    That being said, I don't see how you would ever doubt yourself, your artwork is exceptional AND the number of comments you get on your posts is much higher than I ever had. That accounts for something :)
    Now, for the card! Totally in love with the distressed sunburst and how you did it in RED! The butterfly is just stunning. I adore the look of vellum but rarely get the courage to use it (or overcome my laziness, for that matter, lol). With just the right amount of bling and the die cut word, this card is awesome to boot and I'm SO glad to have asked you to sample for me!! Thanks so much, my gorgeous friend :)

  6. Guuuuuuuurl, you're living my life, only without the kids. Having to carry all of a kid's stuff, TOO, would make my head and heart explode. (So, kudos to you for making that work.)
    I totally get it about sketches, too. Weirdly difficult.
    This is a GREAT GREAT card, and I think you are heading out into some wicked cool artistic areas these days. Keep going!!! Hugs to you, Mama! ~R

  7. You totally ROCKed this sketch!!!! FAB card!!!

  8. Well, this is a gorgeous card... I believe you have already overcome your fear for sketches.
    As for your crafter confessions, I don't feel what you feel: first, I don't have a blog and second I felt awesome just once or twice :); the rest of the time is more like a loser, but a happy one :D. I'm having lots of fun making cards, even the ones I don't like... just like Susie wrote, I'll need to re-read your post regularly and start feeling awesome more often :)

  9. Wida, I only see AWESOME! What an amazing take on the sketch...yet another talent you have! Remember, you can't have courage if you've only had good things happen to you.

  10. WOW! This is amazing! Killer job with the sketch!!

  11. ............THUD!!! Beautifully executed! Speaking personally, sketches rarely ever help me with a design and usually just make me feel "hemmed in", creatively speaking. Most of the time when I try to conform a design to a sketch, I just end up with crap. So, I avoid 'em. LOL!

    As for blogging... I guess my perspective may be somewhat different... I started blogging (back in 2005) to chronicle my journey with the art form. Over the years, I have been and continue to be truly, truly delighted and honored if anything I've ever shared has actually inspired someone.

    A blog can certainly be an excellent platform for self-promotion, inspiring the masses, etc. although that honestly was not my primary intent. I suppose if and when I decided to monetize my blog, I will indeed have to worry about whether or not anybody else likes the content, accolades, recognition and such... And I'll hafta worry about frequency of output... Hmmmmm. Food for thought...

    In the meantime, I'll just design what I like, blog it when I have time... And if someone comes along and likes it, well, that's AWESOME. And, if nobody likes it, well, to put it bluntly, I don't particularly care... Cuz I am still AWESOME. ;) And, because fretting over any of that really just makes my head hurt. LOL!

    Again, beautimous card design, chica!

  12. Holy moly this card is so stunning! I think it may be my new favorite card of yours (ever!). I'm off to check out the video.

  13. Love your take on the sketch! The card is so fresh and happy. And, love whenever you keep it real on your blog. You are always awesome.

  14. I think you are so awesome, Wida! I love visiting your blog!
    And your card is beautiful!!

  15. Dude.......This card is full of AWESOMESAUCE!!!! Yep.....that's all I got, Miss!! True story....hee hee!!!

  16. This card is truly a work of art! Just love the unexpected colors and that gorgeous butterfly! Very creative, my friend!

  17. I LOVE this card! So graphic, modern, edgy, but it's got the softness and elegance of the vellum piece. real balance in this card on multiple levels!

  18. You can definitely do sketches..if I recall correctly you have a published card that used their sketch...the school bus one! Your card is fab! I truly appreciate you sharing your ups and downs. I'm in one of those slumps since I did not get one of those happy emails from the publication call. It helps to see that other designers(even ones I look up to) go through the same thing. It's a good reminder to keep on trying especially if it's what you love to do! You have come so far, I enjoyed reading your year in review and I think that's also a good reminder of all the wonderful things you've accomplished. I hope one day I can have at least half of your accomplishments on my resume!

  19. Wida you and this card are awesome! <3 Congrats on Guest Designing! LOVE the background and that embossed layered butterfly!

  20. I love this card! My Mom is visiting and just shouted "That's gorgeous!!!"
    That quote is powerful. I'm not a glass half-full kinda girl and it's debilitating. Onto awesomeness I say! :)

  21. Rockstar, rockstar, you are definitely a rockstar!! This card is such a great example of that too. LOVE, love, LOVE it to pieces. The bold red stripes paired with the delicate floral vellum ... um, that's some serious designing!

    Yep, I think you would have to be a robot if you didn't have ups and downs as a blogger. We put our hearts out there on a weekly basis and wait to see what people think. Having ups causes the downs, I think. When you're making stuff you feel really good about, and then can't duplicate that for a stretch of time ... that's the down you'd never know about if you didn't have the up. It's all part of the process.


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