Sunday, September 30, 2012

Patterned Paper Pinwheels

Want to see the entire card? click here

This card brought to you by Paper Made Bakery September Kit:

So just for fun, try saying "patterned paper pinwheels" 3 times. It's a tongue twister for sure!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Liebster Award and a Card

Hi Everybody!

I was lucky enough to be awarded the Liebster Award again, this time by a sweet new follower named Katie Ann Brooks. What a surprise and sweet honor to be given this recognition. Thank you so kindly Katie and I love your name. I think if we knew eachother in person, I would call you by your full name every time I saw you. Why be just Katie, when you could be Katie Ann Brooks!

Leibster, is a German word meaning "beloved, dearest or favorite" and this award is shared only among those of us with 200 or fewer followers.   Part of the honor is to pass it along to five others who are  encouraging me and others through their sweet comments as well as inspiring us with their own beautiful projects. So I gladly pass this honor on to: 

Karen: I discovered Karen while browsing through Splitcoast Stampers and I was blown away by her cards. Every time I check in with her, she has like 10 new followers because people can immediately see her talent. She likes to try new techniques while still maintaining her BOLD CAS style. Sometimes cute, sometimes elegant, but always awesome. She makes me want to try BOLD.

Wendy:I discovered Wendy while looking through the Retro Sketches blog...THIS card blew me away and I was hooked on her blog at that moment. She makes me want to be ETHERIAL. 

Claudia: I cannot tell how many followers she has, but I think she should have a million (and she probably does so I hope she will accept my honorary award anyway) Clouds' work is beyond fantastic. In my heart, I make cards like this, but my hands tell a different story once they begin to create. I began taking my photos on my window sill because of her. I followed her blog before I had a blog! She is just beyond for me. She makes me want to use PATTERNED PAPER. 

Nerina. Fogettabout it. She She She...makes me stutter she is so good. Her work, I like to call it DETAILED CAS. It's clean and simple, but there is so much detail in her design, whether it be in her coloring or the depth of her layers and placement of embellishments. She makes me want to do BETTER.

Jocelyn: Ok now I know I am not supposed to be jealous, but Jocelyn makes me feel jealous. I love her digital savvy SOOOO much. I wish I could create like her SOOOO bad. Her work is SOOOO clever that makes you grin. She has a dynamic body of work AND she is such a good soul. Her work is FRESH, unique, and edgy. Almost as if her calling was in media design/advertising. You just get drawn to her message. She was also a fellow GI top 20. (The entire group is pretty spectacular inside and out.). She makes me want to buy PHOTOSHOP.

if you want to see my original 5, click HERE.

Guess I should leave you with a card hu? Well here is one that didn't get picked up by Paper Crafts a while back. I gave it to my husband for his birthday, so it all worked out in the end!

Edited to Add: WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?! This is what I get for making this post at 2:30 am. I was talking to Jen Rzasa and specifically said that I was going to have Pamela and then when I made the post, I spaced her out! I am a total idiot!!! PAMELA, you were my FIRST choice and I want you to know that. Jen Rzasa is my witness. Please accept this Liebster award. Pamela has THE best CAS designs I have seen in a long time. Hands down they hit you with a punch. Literally, my eyes dilate whenever I see a new post from her and if there is ONE person who deserves a click to view her blog, its her. I loved her blog so much, I suggested she add a subscribe button, so I don't miss a thing, and she did! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's Not Goodbye, It's Thank You

I really admire that layered Studio Calico look. So I have been trying to make cards that give that vibe.

Funky. Random. colorful.

I decided to start with a tag because that's way less intimidating!
Lots of patterned papers, and those sweet stars from Fright Night Friends. I don't know, how did I do?

I thought I would attach a second tag to write on, that way it can be reused by the recipient. Inside I used the Mini Thoughts stamp set which is perfect for tags.

Well My Thoughts Exactly Friends, this is my last post. I hope you have enjoyed my little creations as much as I have enjoyed using My Thoughts Exactly Stamps to make them for you!

“This is not a good-bye, my darling, this is a thank-you. Thank you for coming into my life and giving me joy, thank you for loving me and receiving my love in return. Thank you for the memories I will cherish forever. But most of all, thank you for showing me that there will come a time when I can eventually let you go.”

All the Best,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Back to the Drawing Board

This is my THIRD (really?) post of the day, to see my other submission to the Sparks Challenge and Casual Fridays and my Paper Made Bakery Sneak Peak, scroll down.

After making my first card for the challenges (to see my first post for these challenges scroll down), I went back to the drawing table and tried something new. I hope you see that in this little blog, that I am open to trying new things and giving some variety of technique and style. Anyhoo, I made a shaker card. I had envisioned snowflakes with white aspen trees, but it didn't fit the color scheme, so I am going to tuck away that little gem of an idea for another day.

Here is my second card for both challenges trying a SHAKER CARD! And I was a bit lazy on the shake part because I am not really good at fussy cutting, so I just punched out the leaves!

I am entering this card in both Paper Smooches Cool Shades Color Challenge and Casual Fridays Challenge #71, make a CAS card inspired by Autumn.

and Paper Crafts September 2012 Challenge: Natural Elements!


This is my second post of the see my Paper Made Bakery Sneak Peak, scroll down :)

I have been working on some new styles lately. With this investigative work, I seem to have totally gotten off track! It HAS been fun though, just experimenting and seeing what happens.

I started scrapbooking again which seems to have satisfied my need to be random and abstract in my creativity.

Also, I have tried to make cute cards and ended up with 4 Paper Smooches stamp sets (as part of my research of course) and if you notice my blog posts recently, they have been flooded with cuteness.

But as I have browsed some of my idols, I have realized CAS is where I belong and most at home.

Anyhoo, back to the Paper Smooches story. I have wanted to enter their challenges for some time, but haven't seem to find the time. But today, with only a few hours left, I have made 2 cards for the challenge. I made my cards to fit with Casual Fridays too! Score!

Paper Smooches Cool Shades Challenge:


Casual Fridays: 
CFC71 Create a Clean And Simple project inspired by autumn

Here is my first masterpiece ;)

all stamps are Paper Smooches!

Trying some new places to's an endless saga.

Good Things

Just showing you my sneak peak for Paper Made Bakery...

Using Washi tape to create TV static. 

I used the September Kit. 

Want to see all of it? Click Here:

I leave you today with a story, because I gotta leave you with something! Here it is:

One day a woman was sitting on a bench crying, sad over the fact that she didn't have new shoes. Her shoes were old, she had them a long time and could not afford a new pair. It seemed that everyone she knew was getting new shoes and wanted a new pair too. As she was crying she looked up to see a woman in a wheelchair going by. At that moment, she thanked God for her feet and her ability to her old shoes.

The lesson: A lot of things have been going wrong in my beloved home. I became frustrated at the cost and inconvenience. After much soul searching, I realized I am thankful I have a home to have things go wrong in.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Time Away...

Over the weekend, I went on my biannual girls scrapbooking retreat with my 3 favorite people. We met  through Marcy (the pretty lady sitting next to me). I met Marcy while volunteering for my daughter's kindergarten class and all have been friends ever since.

We shopped, we ate, we cried, we laughed and we remembered why we are such good friends.

We each have a style and are known for specific things. That's what makes "us" work. They are known for much nicer things than me, but I am honest so here it goes.

(our group photo at a Mexican restaurant in Colorado Springs, Colorado)

1. Me-not willing to share unless I have it in bulk, bossy. (see? not very flattering is it). I am working on the sharing part. (9 years later I realize you can't use everything you buy...and there is ALWAYS more to buy!) I don't think I made the most wonderful first impressions, but these ladies love me anyway! HA!

2. Angela-has everything scrappy you can imagine. We jokingly call her house "Angela's store", I bet she could give Archivers a run for their money! If you ask her for green paper, her usual reply is "mint green? moss green? or chartreuse? She is smart, soft spoken, and lately has more muscle from her work outs than the rest of us put together. She is the exotic beauty directly in front of Marcy.

3. Caryn-giving to a fault, caring, and the queen of metal embellishments. Her personal style is very zen but with lots of pretty silver jewelry. She has a cool vibe. She will be there for you anytime. She is the blond with the sassy haircut next to Angela.

4. Marcy-funny, I call her a professional parent, helpful, and always says just the right things. She can walk in to your house and know exactly what needs done without you asking. My children adore her as do I. She is the one causing a shadow on my face in the pic because her inner glow is that bright. ;)

We didn't get many pages done, but I was able to close the gap on some key moments...

Here are a few of my favorite layouts.

You will find, through time, that I morph. That is, just like my craft style can change, so does my personal style. I have been red headed, brown headed, and now, back to black. My hair has been long, bobbed, with bangs and layered. I won't even mention my weight! It is fun to not look the same way 2 years in a row!

See ya later,


Monday, September 17, 2012

September Designer for A Blog Named Hero

I am a guest designer at A BLOG NAMED HERO. The challenge right now is tags!

I made this for the challenge!

There are some stamp sets that stand the test of time you know? Hero Arts Sending Happy Thoughts is one of them. 
And there are some techniques that do that too...googly eyes is one of them!

Thanks A Blog Named Hero! Call on me anytime!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

No Way!

Used the kit from Paper Made Bakery to make this:

How about that expression people? I want you to know that I don't just scrap and post the pretty pictures. Here at Beachorado, you get ALL of me. Good, bad, and funny!

So, you want to see the entire layout? Click HERE. 

BUY...I mean BYE!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Guest Designing for A Blog Named Hero

I have been asked to guest spot at A Blog Named Hero!



So I reached for my favorite stamp die set and made THIS:

If you want to see my funny post at A Blog Named Hero, click HERE

Liked it so much, I made a video of it for my Cardio (a card and a video) series.

Hope you like has all the usual characters in it. Sophia, Anya, Karina, and ME!

See ya and Thank You so Much A Blog Named Hero for letting me guest spot. It was so FUN. I heart Hero Arts!

PS. this is my second post of the day. for my My Thoughts Exactly Candy Corn Banner Card, scroll down.

Remembering today with all of you,

Garland Obsession

I think I could make garland out of anything.

Candy Corn Garland. What more can I say about this card? I used the Fright Night Friends set from MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY STAMP COMPANY to create this little cutie card complete with googly eyes and ghostly fun. There are so many cute images to this set that the possibilities are unlimited!

Take Care,

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Love is...

This month's Paper Made Bakery Kit theme is old school. I am old and I went to school, so I am totally qualified to speak about this kit. 

"it makes the grade"

I channeled a little Sarah Martina Parker and made this...

want to see the entire card? Click HERE.

Keeping it short because I am that too. So to sum it up, I am

1. old
2. educated
3. short

good thing my husband scooped me up when he did!


Monday, September 3, 2012

Paper Made Bakery September Release Blog Hop

It's a new month for Paper Made Bakery. This month does not disappoint. Check out this awesome photo of all the goodies in the kit for September!

I think what impresses me most each month is the colors. They are an inspiration all on their own. Kind of sets the mood a bit. ready for my creation?

  • I cut strips of paper in different sizes and overlapped them onto a piece of card stock, kind of washi tape-ish but with the pattered paper. 
  • Then I inked the edges to give it a uniform look (Betsy Veldman taught me that, not personally, but I read it on her blog. And if she says it, I do it)
  • Next I cut a die cut shape out of the patterned paper
  • I traced the shape with a pencil lightly onto the golden card stock base so that I could see where the image was going to be
  • I then stamped the image and sentiment in black versa fine ink and erased the pencil lines
  • Lastly, I popped up the patterned paper with pop ups, and YOU ARE DONE!

Michelle McClure is next!

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Thoughts Exactly Stamp Company Blog Hop

I think I am in love.

It's with a stamp set and we were meant to be together. forever.

Fright Night Friends ($14.95) is a stamp set that you will reach for again and again. The possibilities are endless....the results oh, so cute.

I made my pumpkin using a 2 inch scalloped circle punch.
the skeleton fits perfectly in a 1 inch circle punch.

Wish there was an SVG to match the stamp set? You got it and it's FREE!!! Click HERE.

Next up Becki introducing our monthly Challenge for September.

  • The Theme this month is Treat Bags/Boxes
  • To enter, you must use at least one MTE stamp set and the project must be new. 
  • The deadline is September 23rd at 11:59 Pacific time.
  • Everyone who participates gets 10% off at the MTE store
  • One random entry will get a $10.00 gift code to use in the store. 
  • One judged winner will get a bundle of MTE stamps and a guest spot for October!

If you want to start at the beginning of the blog hop and get more info about the ENTIRE RELEASE, click HERE.

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