Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tape Color Trends Challenge

I went washi tape crazy this weekend...all because of this challenge.

I only have a few washi tapes. I used them here as a border for the card. Sometimes you end up with a card because of the supplies you have. I don't own any yellow ink, rose paper, but I do have yellow letters and rose gems, you know?

Ok, Embellish might be annoyed with me because I have a zillion cards for this challenge, but this one is my favorite!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sometimes you feel like a nut...sometimes you don't

Got another funky card.

 Embellish's trigger photo had a fog to it that I wanted to represent with a gray background and just a pop of color. Very different than the other card I made where I really focused on the shapes and colors and not the mood. I sound like a total nut today. It's true, keep reading, gets worse!

DEBBY UPDATE: Still no Debby despite the efforts of my blog friends to help my campaign. Only one day left before the Runway Inspired challenge ends, so the pressure is on. Come On DEBBY, I need a happy ending to this story :) If anyone reads this post and knows Debby, send her here

In the famous words of Jesse Jackson: KEEP HOPE ALIVE! 


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chevron Color Trends Challenge

Back by popular demand and because she wouldn't get out of most of the shots...ANYA!!

(It's my second post today)

Using masking to create a "window"

I love the graphic look of chevron, don't you? though some of the other card makers created such gentle backdrops with it that I might have to reconsider my thoughts on chevron and what it can do.

I saw squares and circles, chevron, and the colors. so that's what my card ended up as. I had a bunch of failed cards for this challenge. They have to come up with a name for cards that don't make it, like CRASHES-for cards that you want to put in the trash. 


Papertrey April Blog Hop Challenge

Papertrey Ink, one of my favorite stamp companies, has a monthly blog hop. Today I am joining in on all the fun for the first time. After seeing some of the enteries, yes you Laura Bassen, I didn't want to post my card. BUT...I must stand by my work, or maybe hide behind it! hehe...

Here is the inspirational photo:

Blog hop inspiration

And my super take on it ;)

I don't know how to get in the forum, but going to give it a try..see you there bloggers!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Good Intentions

My intentions were good.

I wanted to make a pretty little window card. You know the ones with the cute scenes and lovely flowers. That's not what happened.

First, this card started as a regular card. It is now a flat card. Mainly cuz I messed up A LOT. In my effort to save paper, I kept using all the sides of the thing I knew, I ran out of options. So I decided to embrace it.

Then my skyline went a little wrong, so I cut them out and stacked them. phew! that was a sweet save.

I wanted a miss you, or thinking of you, or something like that. NOTHING. My sentiment collection is really disgusting. Luckily, I got a bunch of micro stickers and went to work.

HERE ladies and gentlemen is my final card for the A BLOG NAMED HERO CARDS WITH A VIEW CHALLENGE: (holding breath, squeezing eyes shut)

DEBBY UPDATE: there have been no sightings of Debby so far. I will keep you posted. (for the whole Debby story click here)


Sunday, April 22, 2012

RIC #10

oh oh oh my. Guess who entered RIC this week?

One of my favorite card makers...DEBBY HUGHES. My fab 4 are together in one challenge!

So I was thinking, maybe all of them would be looking at my work. Just maybe Debby would click on my name if my card was good enough. But...How can I compete with some really great entries? Maureen made a bow-licious masterpiece. She makes the best bows. Alyssa made a chevron confection. Arielle's mustache mania is color-rific. Chunyuan created a symphony of pattern that is winning material for sure ..I could go on and on.

So the pressure was on.

I sat in my craft room and after a tornado of thought and action, made this:

 Supplies: PTI happy trails stamp set. WHICH I BOUGHT BECAUSE DEBBY HAD IT BY THE WAY!

By the way Aga, I couldn't get your card out of my mind! It is like a piece of art, a slice of dessert, put in on a plate and serve it up!

If you vist my blog ( think there are 10 of you now), I ask you to please check out the challenge. The design team creates perfection every week. They make WORKS of ART. It's more than a card. They translate a runway picture into something magical. Save yourself a trip to your local art museum and visit RIC. And you can see all of these mentioned wonderful card makers and more ON THIS CHALLENGE SITE!!

Ok, I will stop now.

DEBBY: if you clicked on my card, would you leave a comment so I know you did??

now I wait...

In the famous words of Tom Petty: the waaaiting is the haaaardest part!


Saturday, April 21, 2012


I don't know what it is about that Tuesday Trigger Challenge, but it makes me create cards that are atypical to me, but CAS-ual Friday's, they bring out the true me. Check it out:

I never met a BAKER'S TWINE I didn't like!

Here is the sketch challenge for Casual Fridays #49: 

I struggle with sketches. I never know when to take liberties with it. 

And THANK YOU so much for stopping by,

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tuesday Trigger: Watercolor Butterflies

My crayons are becoming quite useful. In my last post, I showed how to use crayons to get a splatter effect, and now I used crayons to create a watercolor effect! Maybe I need another video??? ;)

Dear MOXI FAB WORLD: I cannpt resist your challenges, especially Tuesday Trigger!



Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Card and a Video= CARDIO...IS HERE!!!

After some hair pulling, tears, and long hours, the first video is up and running in the CARDIO series! To read about here.

This is the first one and it was tough! I hope that it gets easier with time. I have a channel on you tube too called Beachorado. I hope that you like it and if you have any feedback, that would be great because I don't really know what I am doing, just kind of trying some things and seeing what happens!!

The last line is supposed to say "I hope you enjoyed your creative work out!"
I am not sure why it slows and stops and you can't read my funny quotes very well. ;)

Thank you,

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Betcha wondering what the big plan for my blog was.

Well, here it is. I am going to start making a card and a video. I am going to call it a CARDIO which is totally fitting for my blog since I am a nurse practitioner and I have a special love for the heart (got my nursing start on the telemetry/cardiac floor).

CARDIO 1 features me making this card which I am entering in the PDCC #127. It also features my daughter Anya. I have 4 kids and I think in the future, I will have to dub music because there is no chance in not getting interrupted by one of them :( so please excuse that part of it.

My card was inspired by the awesome Michelle Wooderson who uses splatter, pattern, and color in a comfortable country confection.

edited to include: sadly, my big plan is on delay. technical difficulties. I hope to have this figured out tonight, but the challenge is ending, so I am entering it now. stay tuned.


update: CARDIO is UP! click here

Monday, April 16, 2012

CAS-ual Fridays #48

I tried a new technique in this card, but it's hard to tell. The technique is called watercolor with stamps. It uses a stamp, stamp ink and a water mister to give the look of a watercolored image. I think it would show up better if it was a solid stamp, so I will try it again in a future post.

You know those really pretty monogrammed cards that have a toile look? Well I didn't make one of those! LOL! Actually I was trying to. It came out a pinch different, but no less successful!

stamps: Hero arts for the sentiment, and Stampin Up.

CFC48: Opposites attract- choose 2 opposite colors from the color wheel to design your Clean And Simple creation.  Opposite colors are determined by where the points meet.  Examples: green and red, or orange and aqua, or purple and yellow, etc.  

I chose red and green, but it's really hard not to make a card in those colors that doesn't feel Christmas-y. And please don't enlarge the photo because you can see the crookedly stamped sentiment. I don't know if crookedly is a word, but it sounds right.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tuesday Trigger Take 2

This is the part of the blog where people say..THIS IS MY SECOND POST OF THE DAY, so to see my earlier post scroll down, but really, you don't have to. For my explanation why, keep reading. 

What do you do when you don't like the card you made, but can't take it back because you already posted it?

You make ANOTHER one!

I just couldn't accept my previous card. The question is: do you post a card for the sake of posting, or because you want to make a deadline or because well, you made it, and so like your kids, you gotta love it? (just kidding).

How do you like the ambiance?  Pretty sweet hu? It was late, no light. 

 edited to add this picture which was taken in better light

Ok, I think I have done all the damage I can do to the blog for today. tomorrow can only get better.


Tuesday Trigger: Three Little Birds

Moxi Fab, you're a tough nut to crack. This photo is delicious. Who doesn't like a bird? But only one lady does birds and does birds right and that's Karen Baker. Me? Well, just keep scrolling.

Here is the trigger photo:

and here is my card:

I like the text at the bottom of the picture, so I played it up a bit more.  Over all, it's ok...nothing to get overly excited about. I'm posting it anyway because this blog is just as much about ordinary as it is about extraordinary...but stay tuned people. I got big ideas for this place!

Also, together is stamped in gray but it's hard to tell. 

Supplies: stampin up, PTI

And if you want to play along or scope out the other cards click here.

See you next time,

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Make it Monday #61 Papertrey Ink

I have never entered a Papertrey Ink (PTI) challenge. But since so many bloggers seem to, I thought I am a PTI fan, I will give it a go. This week's MAKE IT MONDAY was to use a die to make a flower.

Looked at my PTI dies.


here's what my friend Kristen and I came up with after much brainstorming:

It is made with the butterfly die from happy trails.

Now while trying to take the pictures for the blog, my daughter Anya insisted on being in the picture...

She is my masterpiece.

This challenge was tricky. Maybe should have tried the glitter button challenge first! HA!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chunyuan's Challenge: Rock and Roll

You know, putting that little bling on a card is a lot harder than it looks. I think I moved them around a million times till I thought they looked visually pleasing. Chunyuan Wu does bling very well, knows just where to put things. Speaking of Chunyuan, she has a challenge out and since I am a fan of her work, I thought I would enter. The challenge is to make a card using the ROCK AND ROLL technique. I used it on the border of the card. I have never tried it before and like it! 

This little blog keeps teaching me things! Love that!!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Runway Inspired Challenge #9

 My favorite challenge has a spectacular inspiration, what else is new? and the design team cards? Fo-getta-bout-it!! I am excited to share my card today. Last weekend, I stared and stared at the inspiration for RIC and then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Kristina Werner made a card using a technique that looked very similar to the challenge dress. I googled it to watch it again. You can see the video of her making the card here.

 I am quite pleased with it. Hope you are too. The sentiment is a rub on in case you are wondering :)



Monday, April 9, 2012


I heart chartreuse.
I must play the Play Date Cafe challenge

ergo [ˈɜːgəʊ]
sentence connector
therefore; hence
[from Latin: therefore]

and you thought my blog wouldn't teach you anything! HA!

I made these embellishments with my HERO ARTS butterfly die cuts.

I am also entering this in the Moxi Fab make your own embellishment challenge, and a Blog Named Hero Challenge #1, ERGO, I have a chance to win!

See you tomorrow...Do you ever get an idea for a challenge and get all paranoid that someone has your exact same idea and is going to post it before you???  I just want to post all the cards NOW!!!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

CAS-ual Fridays #47

Ok, normally I would leave you all alone on a holiday, but I made this card for the CAS-ual Friday Challenge (where the goal was to make a card with something found in your Easter basket) for this week and it is so timely, that I am going to post it today.

Here's what I was thinking...It is so complex I needed to explain (I say sarcastically).

1. I need a bunny, a chocolate bunny stamp or rub on...SOMETHING. And well, I don't have any,
 so it was off the the internet I went. I found a cute image and cut it out with chocolate brown cardstock.

2. I had this little sentiment in my head and no stamp. So, Karen Baker if you read this...I need this stamp!! I ended up writing it best I could.

3. Ink is a struggle for me. The local stores always sell dried out ink and it makes my cards look sloppy. I asked some experts who came up with Amuse or Impress inks. Made my first purchase with Impress (thank you Cristina) and gave it a go. I was happy with them!!!

Ok, long story for a simple little card. Have a great Holiday!!

It's going to be a great week on my blog with entries to Runway Inspired Challenge, Chunyuan's Challenge, Moxi Fab, and Playdate Cafe. See you tomorrow!!