Thursday, June 7, 2012

The day before

Friday I will find out my fate at the Paper Crafts Gallery Idol competition. It has been a long road to get here. I have been trying to stay positive, though the emotional roller coaster has taken a toll at times. I seem to have a mental block and hard as I try, I cannot make a card. Just waitin' for Friday.

So instead I thought I would post some pics of my kids and I playing around with the photo booth feature on the new apple computer. This is me with really black hair. My profile here and on the Gallery Idol has me with lighter hair. I like trying new things. You will find that I don't look the same 2 years in a row. I enjoy changing my hair and makeup a lot. Less so my weight, but that seems to have happened over the years too having 4 kids!

This is me in my scrap space. Kind of an impromptu idea to take a self portrait. Then 3 of my kids showed up...

Our best shot out of the bunch. 

But then we got silly...

Each of us took turns shouting out something to do and then we took a pic.

Sad face.

Hip hop/cool dudes face.



Just being goofy.

Running out of ideas...

Then Karina woke up from her nap...

And I couldn't NOT get one with my baby. Although she couldn't figure out where to look while eating her banana. (hence the messy delicious face!)

I usually like my cards to be the focus of my blog. But this is a really important moment for me and I wanted to let you all know what is going on with this contestant behind the scenes. I would love to move forward to the next round. Thanks again for the kind words and votes. It has been so special to be recognized!



  1. Love your pics, Wida! You're kids are so cute! :)
    Fingers crossed for ya for GI but remember - you're already a winner for getting this far! :D

  2. LOVE!!! :) You know I am a loyal card fan through and through, but I just **LOVE** the pix today!! The Mama and babies are just gorgeous...and now you KNOW you HAVE TO scrap those photos... All of them~~ they are fabulous!! F.Y.I I read your blog A.S.A.P. because I thought today was the "morning you find out!!??" But, I will be back bright and early to check tomorrow. BEST WISHES!!! :)

  3. CUTE photos! I can only imagine how nerve-wrecking it has been for you. Best of luck to you and I am sure you will be in the next round!!! The butterfly card is super gorgeous! How can it not be in the next round? xo

  4. I love seeing pics of you and your family!!! Being new to blogging, it has been wonderful to make new friends. I love everyone's crafty work, but it is so nice to get to meet each other's families and see each other's lives. Thanks so much for sharing! Best wishes for the next round!

  5. Great way to de-stress with the kids! They're beautiful!

  6. What a delightful post. You and your kids are so cute. And no matter what, you are already a winner in my book. xoxo!!

  7. adorable pictures! I like the one when you've run out of ideas:) that's how I look most of the time around here! I hope you can get some sleep tonight! hang in there, Beachy:)

  8. Oh this post is so much fun Wida. What an adorable family!
    I agree with several other ARE a winner. So very talented!
    Wishing you a good night's sleep :)

  9. Congratulations on being a top 20!!!! I loved the card you made and I love these photos, Gotta love life with kids, they make you remember what is important in life.

  10. Beautiful pictures, beautiful kids!!! You must know by now that you're a WINNER. Top 15...yes you are. You're the bomb Wida! I told you...all the way!!!

  11. Yeah for you!!! Second round winner! I bet you did a happy dance with those adorable kiddos. Congrats and hang in there. I'm behind you all the way.

  12. omg! you're gorgeous! you look like their older sister! beeeeeeeee utiful family!


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