Saturday, October 5, 2013

If I Had Somewhere to Go...

First, Happy World Card Making Day Everybody!! I spent the day crafting with a whole bunch of fun blogging friends. It was a TON of fun! I thought I should post something for today, being World Card Making Day and all...

As I am sick and sitting in my jammies, thoughts of regal parties go dancing in my head. I miss the days of dressing up. Most of my friends are married, no wedding events for me to attend. With small kids, a night out at New Year's Eve isn't really possible. Who wants to stay home and watch my kids when they could be out themselves?

But...if I could go out for a Cinderella evening, it would be in something like this:

The Embroidered Santri Dress by Anthropology

Although I am content in the life I am living, I am also...occasionally, dreaming...

Where do I actually go? Kids birthday parties! The dress inspired the card below,  made quick and easy using Penny Black Let's Go Wild set:

I am entering this in the Moxi Fab World Color Media Challenge. This could be for a boy or girl depending on the twine you use.


  1. Love that dress! In my younger days, it would be hanging in my closet...not so much now, lol! Love the card. Such a simple design, and full of fun. Love the kraft base too. Bev

  2. I love that dress, the color, the sleeves, the detail, and love the card too, perfectly placed banners!

  3. Suuuuper fun card Wida! LOVE the pic of that dress!

  4. Fabulous card Wida! I love it! Also the dress! We gave Chads grandmothers. 90th while I am sure I have a dress to wear I went shopping got a new one! And got two! Hey they were on sale. I wear a dress to church when it's not winter! Thinking of starting to wear dresses all the time again! Btw saw a pic of you at the crop and you look great!

  5. AWESOME. The card (adore the touch of twine), the dress, and you of course :)
    Oh, and I know very well what you mean. I spent most of today (Sunday) musing about how cool it would be to just have a day to ourselves (me + hubby), watch a film, just hang around... you know. Sometimes I wonder if it will ever happen again ;)

  6. Love the rainbow of banners! I always dream of time to myself, then remind myself that I have a coworker that cries at least once a week due to empty nest. The hubby and I celebrated our anniversary without kids and it was a little weird...funny how that happens.

  7. I love your fun and fabulous card! Love that dress too!

  8. Gorgeous card! So much fun with those rainbow banners! And that dress is dreamy!! I would love it for myself! (I too dream of dressing up and going out somewhere... maybe when the kids area a little older)

  9. This is so cute! I love the banners and all the colors!


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