Friday, December 28, 2012

Top 12 Cards of 2012 by Bloggers

January 1, 2013, I will have been blogging one year, but for many years before, I was a fan of cards and now the cardmaker as well. I remember in December of 2011, Cristina Kowalczyk did a post like this and I loved it so much. So this post is dedicated to her for inspiring me to start blogging, enter challenges, and without realizing showing me the ropes.

PLEASE..if you pin these from my blog, give credit to the designer. I have linked to their blogs.

Here is my top 12 cards of 2012 in NO particular order. It was SO SO hard to narrow them down. I could have listed about 20 more.

Mish Mash-Michelle Wooderson

Michelle has a country way of putting cards together that are embellished, but not crowded. She uses the latest trends in technique and manufacturer to design cards you want to buy and receive that anyone would appreciate.

 Just Made From Paper-Aga

This card needs to be in a museum. It is a masterpiece work of art. BOLD and FEMININE all rolled up in one.

The Creation of Creativity-Angeline Yong


 Our Change of Art-Jennifer Rzasa

Crazy. Colorful.  Awesome.

Ribbon Girls-JJ Bolton

Never have I seen anyone take die cuts and create something so cool. She, in my opinion, invented a new genre of card making. The die cut was brought into focus single handedly thanks to her.

Waffleflower-Nina Yang

This is how design and embellishments working together in harmony looks like.

Doublestick Heaven-Laura Bassen

There are so many ways to make a mistake on this card, yet this one has not a single one. Its beautiful.

My Paper Secret-Cristina Kowalczyk

This card has brilliant written all over it. Trying to pick a favorite for Cristina was the hardest of the group because there was no single standout card, all her cards were equally stunning in design and execution. 

Simply Stamped-Maile Belles

This card was the one that made me realize what I had been missing in Maile Belles. Haven't missed a post since. I get it now. I get it.

Lime Doodle-Debby Hughes

I might be her biggest fan. She makes me buy things. That is what a great designer does. SOLD on her and her work. 

Random Acts of Creativity-Iwona Palamountain (Chupa)

I could probably pick about 100 of her cards. She makes the prettiest things EVER. Just the right amount of embossing, color, embellishment, stamping, buttons, brads, and pop ups,  ALWAYS.

At Danbury Lane-Sophia Miller

My daughter Sophia makes cards too. She has an amazing style age 9. I am her biggest fan. 


  1. Wow! Great cards you picked Wida! There is quite a few I missed that I need to check them out! Wonder what is your favorite of your own cards this year! Happy New Year!

  2. These cards are all gorgeous!!!! The card by Sophia is one of my favs too! I'm with Nina, wonder what your favorite Wida card is?

  3. Wow! The cards you chose are amazing! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful selection of cards, and talented paper crafters!

  4. These are great picks! I'm so glad Sophia's was in your top 12...her card is awesome! I'm with Nina and Julie....are you sharing your favorite Wida card on New Year's? ;)

  5. Great choices, Wida! I love all of these too! :-)

  6. Brilliant selection. All are awesome and I love Sophia's card! How amazing to be able to make such a wonderful card at just 9!

  7. Okay, first things first, I just added "At Danbury Lane" to my google reader:)

    AWESOME picks...I could never just pick 12...your choices are magnificent.

  8. What an amazing collection of faves Wida! Wow.
    Thanks so much for sharing your picks. Off to check out two of these blogs that I'm not familiar with.

  9. Awesome, beautiful, wonderful selection!! Thanks so much for including one of mine:) I love that you also included Sophia's! Such a cute card of hers. I thought about doing one of these, let's see if I can narrow it down. Great post!

  10. Wow, I'm blushing! Thanks for picking one o mine :) Fab selection, but of course you saved the best for last - proud mummy moment!

  11. Haha, totally understand why it was so hard to narrow it down because this year has been AMAZING! So many wonderful and inspirational projects!

  12. I can totally see why you went with this idea of posting 12 of your favourites from other people Wida, what a great idea - and wow, some real stunners you picked out!

  13. Oh wow, love all the card you select... Wida, seriously a girl that full of passion and love in card making. I am glad to know you! Happy Blessed New Year!

  14. I have lots to say, so I'm making a list (keeps things organized, ya know?)
    1. Thank you for including me in your round-up! :)
    2. I love the cards you chose
    3. Umm..SO sweet that you included Sophia's card- it's lovely!
    4. Sophia has a blog?! Since when?
    5. Oh- just checked it- since July
    6. How did I not know she had a blog?
    7. At Danbury Lane is now in my google reader (cute name for a blog!)
    8. Congrats on a successful year of blogging, and HAPPY 2013!

  15. It was like seeing old friends ... hahaha ... LOVE the cards you picked!! I hadn't seen Aga's card before, but you're right, it just needs to be matted and hung in a gallery. Great post!

  16. I'm really loving the retrospective blog posts this year! I don't know what it was in the water, but there seemed to be a bumper crop of amazing stuff in 2012! Your list is full of such inspirational work! And I'm with Jen R! When did Sophia start her blog? She's awesome!

    Lastly, thanks so much for including my card in your list! You're too kind to me:) Love ya!


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