Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Can You say Please Because It's a BIG DEAL?

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Ok, this is a BIG deal.

I, Wida Miller, mother of 4 kids, who just got done teaching them about manners, in which they totally got stuck after one of them suggested you have to say excuse me after you fart, am now on the RUNWAY INSPIRED DESIGN TEAM!!! I think I hear them still talking about it now...Can you hear Anya (age 3)?

"And if someone farts loudly, you have to say...you have to say....you have to tell them to say excuse me" (grinning with satisfaction at her answer)

So anyway, back to this conversation. 

The inspiration:

To me, her goggles looked like bicycle wheels! So here it is!! GLITTER!!

As if that wasn't enough..I am joined by some fantastic new faces on the design team and a guest designer...Paper Crafts Magazine Editor: SUSAN OPEL!

Nina Yang
Pamela Ho
Tasnim Ahmed
Virginia Lu

Angeline Yong
Laura Bassen
Jennifer Rzasa

Please do come check out the blog and try to enter. If you have some ORANGE in your stash of card stock, this challenge is calling your name!

I said please...using my manners ;)


  1. You post makes me smile BIG!! I love your glitter and use of diecut in this gorgeous card! Rock on, excuse me, I mean, ride on, Wida!

  2. Gorgeous card Wida! Love the starry night sky, and the bicycle is so adorable! Is that made out of wood veneer?

  3. I just love the way you used the wooden bike!

  4. What an amazing "outfit". Thanks to Anya, I now know why that model's dress is "blowing in the wind" ;) Didn't know about the DT - humongous congrats! Dream come true, eh?

  5. Woo Hoo!!! CONGRATULATIONS WIDA!!!! Love your card and inturpritation of the inspiration photo! !! Anya is so adorable! I'm cracking up at her comment.

  6. Way to debut as DT member! Woo hoo! Love this card, Wida! It's PERFECT! :-) (Oh, and Anya is my type of girl, a very wicked sense of humour!)

  7. LOL Your manners story reminded me of when my sister's two boys and my daughter were young and we were also teaching them good manners. While driving with my sister and with all our kids in the back seat, one of her boys farted. My sister said to him, "Brian, what do you say?" He thought for a few seconds and said, "Thank You??!!??" He knew it was one of the "polite phrases" he had learned; just couldn't remember which one. We about wrecked the car from laughing so hard. Thanks for reminding me of a really funny time from many years ago....JD, Florida

  8. So fun! Loving the glitter, and it is a HUGE deal.

  9. rido on Beachorado, ride on! Love the hill, the bike, the die cut letter, the glitter paper, love the stories of your kids! So happy you're on the team!

  10. hehe how fun are kids..they always say the cutest things...

    Your card is so awesome...love the background and the scene you created is so cool..love it

  11. Snorted laughing!! (Do you have to say excuse me if you snort?) love your DT inspiration card.

  12. Excellent post, my friend! Anyone who mentions farts on their blog is a winner in my book! (I'll include myself too, since my blog address is ourchangeofart. lol). I love the bike, I love the glitter, and I love that the letters are missing the little inside pieces- it looks great!

  13. I am SO IN LOVE with this card!!! Love this! Love it. For reals.

  14. Oooo! This is yummy, Wida! LOVE all that scrumptious glitter, and your sweet, little bike is just too fun! Congratulations, too! You go, girl!

  15. I love it!!! Both the card and the fact that you're officially on the RIC team (I always considered you an unofficial team member anyways:) You have been/are/will be awesome!!!

    So, so, so happy for your dearie!

  16. Don't you just love kids? So funny! This is super duper fantabulous! Absolutely love this too!


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