Sunday, December 30, 2012

CARDIO 8 For Paper Made Bakery

It time to cook up something good with the kit from PAPER MADE BAKERY!

I made a video for this card, only problem was some of the supplies were one of a kind.  So I had to make a Wida version. To see my version of this card, click HERE.

and now I present CARDIO 8!

My new years resolution is to bring you brighter better and more frequent videos for 2013! YIPEE!



  1. Such a fun hearing your helpers in the background. Awesome cards....what do you use for a stamp block?

  2. what a fun your kids in the cute.. great card design...loved the dark and light blue...

  3. Love the video! I wish I could talk and be so carefree in my videos!
    And the card design is pretty cool! Loved how you made your own version. And lastly, your tool for distressing is so clever! I have the same machine...but I still use it for its purpose :)

  4. You have your hands full with little helpers! Love how the colors in the tea cups pick up on the colors in the patterned paper!

  5. I always enjoy your videos Wida. And it's so fun to hear from your helpers!
    Great card!

  6. You're so cute Wida! You and your whole gang! Love this card too, the tag is awesome and I love how you recreated a similar version with supplies you had at hand!

  7. I loved this video, Wida! I love your background music (the kids). :-)


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