Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday Afternoons #2

It's Saturday...which means I get to share another creation make with October Afternoon products...

Using Rocket Age Collection

I live in an area of affluence and it is so hard to not lose my financial compass sometimes. Seems like the kids here have lots of nice things and I want my kids to have those nice things too. It's a classic case of keepin' up with the Jone's. The other reason is that I grew up lower middle class. I didn't get very many things that weren't necessary. So in an effort to "do better" I have given my children many things I could have only dreamed about getting at their age. 

To keep them from getting spoiled, I try to teach my children to say "maybe next time", which is very hard especially when I look into their sad faces, but I am trying to get them to understand the bigger picture. There may be a day we might not have the money to buy them what we can now and I don't want to feel bad or embarrassed that I said no. In life you don't always get what you want. You know? 

So now when they ask me "Can I have this?" My answer is "Maybe next time". They think there might be a next time and I don't feel like I have to buy everything or guilty for not. 

PS. going to link this one to Annette Allen's blog, she is giving away a sweet prize for anyone that links up as a celebration of achieving some great blog milestones! YEAH Annette!


  1. aww this card is totally adorable and I love of my most favorites... thanks for linking up...your awesome

  2. This card is so cute, Wida! Love the hanging shapes! and the buttons!
    and I like your little stories! keep them coming :)

  3. Sweet baby card, Wida! Love the row of buttons. I can certainly relate to your story! We got very few extras growing up and we could certainly afford to buy my daughter her heart's desires now. But what would that do for her in the long run? Certainly won't make her a happier, contented person. I will have to remember your "maybe next time" reply when I get the next request. Thanks for sharing!

  4. ahh....awesome card and awesome post. I STILL say that to my 15 year old...maybe next time....Happy New Year my friend.

  5. Super cute baby card Wida! I love your new Saturday story time feature! It's good to teach your kids that they can't always have everything they want. I have an only child and try to compensate sometimes by giving into her requests. As she gets older the things she wants get more expensive. I'm saying no a lot more or I say maybe when it goes on sale.

  6. Love your hidden buttons on your sweet baby card!

    Again, you have the craziest knack for saying things that relate so well to me. My husband loves to buy everything he can for our two boys (sometimes I think for himself too) which causes a lot of tension between us because I was brought up differently, where waiting for things really made them special (if they ever came). Well today he went over the deep end and bought an xBox console and games to keep at Grandma's house for when we visit. I won't go into the details of our "conversation," but he's returning everything to the store tomorrow : )

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