Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Virginia's View #4...and some revelations

THIS IS MY SECOND POST OF THE DAY: scroll down to see more!

Virginia's View Challenge brought out some really beautiful cards. It seems everyone already thought of every design I could think I had to dig deep. After all, it's the last one and I wanted to make a good impression on the best bloggin'  pep talker I know, "V".

I don't have those particular type of flowers, so I thought I could hide it through some masking. And this card was fine, but there was some serious competition...and I felt like I could do better. So I came up with this one:

I am going to give this little sweet card to my momma for Mother's Day. I have to tell you that the stamp set by My Thoughts Exactly are such the perfect size for for area's like this, and they stamp quite crisply. The polymer is so strong on them, it feels like rubber.

The inspirational photo:

Want to get inspired? check out the other entries! Really stiff competition!

Ok, now I got to talk therapy with you, which was also inspired by this post. Some of you more experienced bloggers have probably gone through this, but, I wanted to talk it out. I am a big analyzer of things, so here it goes:

I have had this blog for a few months now. At first, I was so excited to post and get feedback, really, just have people see my work besides friends and family. As time has gone on, I have tried different styles, learned different techniques and have tried my best to post great cards with something new. But I realize that I now want to post my best self and not for the sake of posting all the time. So you may see less of me, but it's because I have scrapped a lot of cards that I might have once posted. I want to impress you, not just give you something to look at. So that's it. Maybe this in not the normal evolution of a blogger, but it's what I am experiencing right now.  



  1. these are so simple and cute, Wida! lovely cards!

  2. So unique and original! This card is so delightful, Wida! The petals are super lovely! Thanks so much for joining the fun with us at Lily Pad! PS: I am already impressed with your I can't imagine to be even more impressed!! You do such fabulous work!

  3. I also love the first card! You have such creative ideas, Wida!

  4. These cards are both fab!!
    I think we crafters/bloggers get caught up in the whole "got to post", "got to be good" mood that sometimes we forget what we're doing on the web. For me I like the whole craft/blog thing because I get inspired by others and I hope my work can inspire others. I like to learn new techniques and maybe teach a new one. It should be a casual, fun thing to do not something we stress over...I learned that the hard way! Hope this helps...sorry for the long comment :)

  5. Gorrrrrrgeous! Love the flower on the second one! So delicate and pretty!

  6. Love reading your posts, your style is so natural and fluent...if only I could right like you!!!
    I think I went through this thought process a few months back and came to the same decision too :0)
    Your folded blooms are so clever and I love the strip of bling you added to them too...I look forward to being more impressed than I am already :0)
    Jenny x

  7. These cards are beautiful! I think the folded flower one is my favorite of the two. I agree with your thought process. I try to post cards that show my best work but you never know everyone has different taste so sometimes something I don't think is all that great someone else will love.


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