Saturday, May 26, 2012

Moxi...I got Moxi!

Another card just for MOXI FAB WORLD Splatter Challenge. I need to focus on Papercrafts Gallery Idol, there are over 1000 entries already! This is a variation of another card I made here:

I am making such wonderful friends here in blogland. It is so nice because my family doesn't get it at all!

Once again, I used crayons to make the splatter. See here.



  1. This is Moxi Fab Wida! I love it!! I'm glad your my friend! It's nice to know other people that share my love for cards!!!!

  2. You are seriously rocking the crayon splatter- I have yet to try it!

    PS When's the next cardio?

  3. Gorgeous, Wida! Very inventive, too. :-) I also love the card-y friends in blogland - they understand this obsession, LOL!

  4. Yeah thank goodness for the net or I'll be all alone with all my crafts :(
    Anyhoo Love your crayon splatter ... and the card is way moxi fab!!!

  5. Love your crayon splatter! So fabulous!

  6. Awesome card, Wida! Love the crayon splatters - so fun!!

  7. YEAH!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited to see your card in the Top 20!!


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