Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Paper Crafts Gallery Idol

For those of you who don't know what I have been talking about obsessively on my blog, I am trying to enter a contest with only 20 spots open. I have until the 28th to create a masterpiece and compete with some BIG time cardmakers. There are so many people entering that I really have not a pea size chance at winning. Some of these people have the most amazing creations that I am left utterly speechless. It is sponsored by Paper Crafts Magazine and is similar to American Idol, but for carmakers.

As they say in the Hunger Games...

May the odds be ever in your favor,



  1. well, this is a masterpiece if you ask me. gorgeous! love that rounded sentiment and the soft background pattern.

  2. Wida, your cards are always gorgeous! I know that you have a VERY good chance at winning!

    By the way...I love this card :)

  3. You are in MY top 20!! This card is gorgeous!!

  4. This card (along with your other entries) is making me realize that I need to step up my game. Thanks for the encouragement! (friendly competition, right?!? lol)

  5. I love this Wida, perfect stamping and I just love the curved sentiment :0)
    You have as much chance as any!!
    Jenny x

  6. You have a fabulous chance of winning a spot...your style is FANtabulous! Really love this card and the design! Good Luck!!!


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