Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Thoughts Exactly:1,2,3,4


Today I have 1 story, 2 cards featuring My Thoughts Exactly stamps, 3 obsessions and 4 kids. Here it goes...

ONE story:

Friday morning I sent kid #1 (it's easier to use numbers) off to school. It became time to get ready for work and I hear kid #2 and #3 fighting. To help distract #3 from the fight, I had her "help" me pick out an outfit (good mommy). Suddenly, I realized it was very quiet so I shouted, "Karina (kid #4)! Where are you???"

"adkhjrhelk," she replied melodically.

The Craft Room! I forgot to shut the door!

Running with #3 in arm, I made a dash for my beloved room full of wonderful things! Too late.

She had crayoned up my BRAND NEW computer. Sadness. Yelling ensued.

"You are not supposed to yell at little children" says a crying #3. (Yup, true :( bad mommy)

Fast forward I go to work and see my first patient of the day. How are you?" she asks. I tell her my sad story and how I got outnumbered again. But then quickly added, How are YOU? (after all she was here for a physical not to hear my story).

She answers tearfully,"Well, my dad died in February."

OUCH. Kind of puts it in perspective. So in honor of my dear patient who helped me realize that there are bigger things to cry about, here is my card.


Supplies: MTE More Mini Thoughts, Hero arts flower, Technique Tuesday library card stamp

A second card to show you featuring Pick a 'Stache (a new release by My Thoughts Exactly).

Supplies: Stamp: MTE Pick a 'Stache

THREE obsessions:
  1. My new computer
  2. Papercrafts Gallery Idol (people are making crazy awesome stuff, I feel like a marathon runner, just excited to be part of the festivities!)
  3. The My Thoughts Exactly Pick a 'Stache stamp set. I can think of a thousand things to do with this set and most of them include glitter...maybe I have 4 obsessions???

FOUR kids
They are 8 (Sophia),6 (Bennett),3 (Anya), 1(Karina) and they rule my world. I am glad that they are healthy and my computer still works, so it's not THAT bad!

Ok, that's it for me! Bye.



  1. Whew! What a story! Glad the computer still works, the kids are still breathing and you still have your hair! All is good. Loving' the glitter stache. Cute cards.

  2. Wow, that's a humbling story! Makes you go hmmm! Love your sparkling 'stashe. Cute cards!!

  3. Yes, I agree with Laura. Sometimes there are things that put our frustrations into perspective. Glad everything still works. You cards are fabulous!!

  4. Love 'em! I also loved reading your post...no kids yet over here, but I'm sure once I do I'll have plenty of days like yours :)

  5. I'm part of the "have a lot of kids" gang (4 in mines too) and know what you mean. Sometimes we just have to let it out...then remember to love on them more! Great cards Wida...You're a great mom for sure and an awesome card maker :)

  6. what a lovely post..I love reading your little musings!...and to add to that I get some nice card eye candy too!..will be back soon!

  7. Wida you always make me laugh!!!! I LOVE YOUR STORY! I found crayon on the floor today and on the wall. I understand your frustration. I don't know how you do it with 4 and working and creating so much! BTW What die is that for the sentiment in the first card?

  8. Thanks for sharing your story and cards. I like how you were inspired from daily life to make cards. Card 1 is beautiful and card 2 is so fun :)

  9. Wida, this is a great reminder to keep life in perspective. I have ONLY 1 child and I can get really frazzled. Sometimes I watch my sister's 3 girls so I have experienced having 4 little ones to keep track of and it's a BIG JOB :) Your cards are both beautiful! I love the soft look of the sympathy card and I LOVE that glitter mustache!!!


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