Friday, May 25, 2012

Make It Monday #67

Make it Monday...Mixing Patterned papers using patterned paper from the same pack. This one is called Miss Caroline Fiddlesticks 6x6 paperback. This one is also going to the Paper Crafts Gallery Idol challenge too!

Funny story:

Anya age 2: Momma, I want some gummy bears 
Me age 36: No way Jose 
Anya age 2: My name is not Jose, it's Anya.

She turned 3 May 16th and she cracks me up!



  1. ALL your cards are gorgeous. you definitely inspire me and are one of my favorites!

    hugs :)

  2. Love your use of clear buttons! So clever - thanks for sharing the idea!

  3. Another wonderful card :)
    Anya is very sharp 3 year old. I'm imagining her as a out! LOL

  4. So soft and pretty! Those clear buttons are perfect for this card:)

    Anya cracks me up!

  5. I'm always so scared to mix patterned papers...and you pulled it off with finesse! I love it

  6. Beautiful! Love the buttons! Anya is adorable!

  7. I don't know which i enjoy more-your amazing talent for paper craft or your delightfully funny posts! Sounds like Anya has her mother's sense of humor :) Maybe she will like making cards with you, too! I'm smiling, have a great day!


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