Thursday, November 1, 2012

Paper Made Bakery November Blog Hop!


This is a jam packed post. Ready?

First, gotta say this kit is fantastic! Paper Made Bakery teamed up with Timeless Twine for this month with some exclusive twine just for PMB!

I thought I would show you all how I photograph my cards. It's been a journey and probably will continue to change...sigh

First, here is a purposely blurry photo of my craft room (through the archways). It's a mess most of the time! Oh and I should mention, this is a mom/daugher post with my 3 year old Anya who enjoys craft time and taking pictures!

 When you come out of the room, there are beautiful windows and I usually would take my photos on the second window sill (the middle one in this photo). It gave me fantastic photo quality! This is also the spot where I put my "pending" cards, those that I have made and are waiting to be photographed or on hold till I figure whether they are blog worthy! To read about that, click HERE

The only time I had some trouble was if I made a white card because the card blends in with the background. Let me show you with today's tag:

And then, I noticed that the best designers didn't use window sills! I wanted to change the way my photos looked to a more neutral background. I got some tips from Laura Bassen. Initially, I cheated and put a piece of card stock behind the window sill. Like this:

It gave me this:
or depending on the time of day, this:

In a pinch, I still go to these options, but it didn't give me the emotion I wanted, the mood wasn't right. It also never gave consistent images. So I started taking pictures all over my house. I have a lot of windows and lots of sunshine here in Colorado. I didn't want to have to move a lot of things around and was looking for consistency in light and the perfect mood. (You can see the variety of photos in my flickr page)

Then I found THE spot.

down the stairs and past this archway...

Into my dining room...

See that far window? THAT'S it!

I put one of the dining room chairs next to the window. I have been consistently using kraft cardstock on the top and a cream cardstock on the bottom. Below you can see a close up of the cardstock and today's tag AND Anya, who loves to be in any and all photographs! 

I sit where Anya is...

And have been getting photos like this...
Anya and I made the tags together :)

I like the warm feel of the photographs. Sometimes, I take the photos on top of the dining table as I did here with the bowl and below.

and here is the group on the chair. TIP: I take A LOT of photos for each card so I have a lot to choose from.
The tag is small, measures 3x4 inches. (I scored a 4x6inch cardstock in half) They were easy to make and are great gifts! You can make 8 tags with a 12 inch sheet of card stock and if you make the tags flat, you can get 16 tags from a single sheet!!!

Camera: Nikon D70
Lens: prime 50mm f1.8
Editing: iphoto (Mac)

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  1. The photos look great! Very cute card and I particularly love the shot with sweet Anya peeking her head in! You have beautiful children, Wida!

  2. So cute Wida! Love that Anya played along, and um, your house is GORGEOUS!

  3. Very informative post Wida. Please tell Anya that her card is beautiful...just like mamas:)

  4. What a fun post and I totally feel you on searching for a spot for photos! We just moved and I'm still trying to find a good one! Those tags are sooo cute - I just might have to CASE them (with proper credit, of course!) :)

  5. This is awesome Wida! I love those card you and the girls made! So fun!

  6. Less is more! I love your darling card! Good job!

  7. What a great card, love that you two worked on it together. I take my photos in a similar spot near the window with sheer curtains.

  8. Such a cute card. I have the same problem trying to find a good place to take pictures.
    Thanks for sharing.
    kgprevost at sbcglobal dot net

  9. Such a cute and CAS card. Adorable gingerbread man.

    marg0006 at verizon dot net

  10. I sometimes struggle, when it comes to taking a decent photo of a project. I too, take multiple shots. It really is all about the lightening for me. Your tags are beautifully designed and photograph well.

  11. Great house, cute tags and beautiful little girl! Great photo tips too! :)

  12. Thanks for the open house tour! I always wondered where you took your photos! Doesn't it depend on the time of day/year? And all your tags are delightful! What a great mother/daughter project!

  13. Wida, your home looks beautiful! I did like your windowsill shots. There are still some great card makers who use windowsills, and I'm so envious that they have pretty windowsills to use. :-) Your new position looks exactly like my preferred spot in my home - a chair with cardstock background next to a bright window. I love that you sit cards aside waiting to see if they are blog-worthy! I'd like to do that. I put the good and the not-so-good up on my blog, because (despite my internal cringing at admitting I'm not perfect) I like the idea that some new card maker might see that it's okay to present work that isn't outstanding, LOL! That said, I love that when I come to your blog, I know that I will see something AMAZING!

  14. Now how cute is this?! I love how you shared your photog locations...your cards/tags are soooo stinkin' cute {and you say I made 2 cards...check you out!!}...your girl is thee cutest!!!!

  15. First of all, cute tags! Second, loved your "window tour" and the behind-the-scenes photos. What a good idea for a blog post. PS, your gallery wall looks fantastic, Wida!

  16. I loved the little tour you gave us! First of all, your dining room is really pretty! I like your final photo result too-although, my favorite might be the one of the grouping on the table. If I had natural light I would want to do stuff like that. But alas, I live in a small apartment and there are only windows on one side of it (3 windows total). :( Either way, your pics are great!

  17. Your cards certainly are cute! Loved the house tour!

  18. I am struggling with the pics as well.. I thought I was the only one who had trouble with the lighting!! Great tags!

  19. Anya cracks me up! Love her mischievous smile!

    I really enjoyed the travels of Mr. Gingerbread man! I personally don't mind the window sill pictures. The light is more important than the location I would say (unless it's somewhere really crazy). Thanks for sharing your experiments:)

  20. First off, I love this card! Adorable gingerbread man and love the layout! I struggle with photography too. I have a light tent and usually use it. I have found that using a sheet of cardstock behind my card makes a good background but sometimes the color still isn't right. I take most of my pictures in the basement so there isn't a lot of natural light. It's still a work in progress for me and your post is very helpful! I'm always interested in ways to make my pictures better. You can have a gorgeous card and if the photo isn't good it's lost. Thanks for the GREAT post Wida!

  21. Sooo cute, and I love your daughters tag. I think I will go make some with my daughter too. <3

  22. Too funny. I too take my photos on my dining room chair turned perpendicular to my floor length windows to catch the natural light. We have leather chairs, and I've found that I'm pretty OK using a cream one. Honestly, I'm too lazy to go downstairs for a sheet of PP each time. I plop myself down on the floor to shoot on average 10 shots per card. DD will say "I heard the camera but didn't see you" as I'm hidden between the table and window!

    I actually just came over to alert you that you're in my post today... check it out:

  23. I love seeing how people photograph their cards. I've been running around the house trying to find a place too! And since I hardly see the sun during weekdays, I've tried almost every light in the house :P

    PS, I love love love your house!

  24. Love Anya's card too, it's adorable (and so is she!)! Having a nifty fifty is excellent for taking pictures, I use mine 99% of the time!


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