Monday, November 5, 2012

CFC #77 and Ramblings of an Analytical Blogger

Trying to make a boy card for Casual Fridays Challenge. I distressed the edges, made it look as random as I could and there you have it! Is it just me or does this card remind me of the awesome  Girl Friday herself DEB 

I am also entering this in the Paper Crafts Magazine November Challenge: Using Washi Tape!

I guess since I don't have much more to share today, I will share this story:

I watched the last Project Runway episode (a show about fashion designers competing for a spot to show in Fashion week and to launch their own line) and well, they didn't pick who I thought they were going to pick for the winner. They chose Dimitry Sholokhov because his design vision was clear, he was "ready"

and they didn't chose Christopher (my favorite) because, although he made beautiful clothes, he was all over the place with his designs. Kind of sounds familiar doesn't it?

In the last few months, I have tried "cute"


"Clean and Simple"

interactive cards, watercolors, distress inks, and a partridge in a pear tree.

My journey has you all thinking too. Some of you know who you are and others are like me, not knowing at all. My favorite was Trinh who called herself "lazy CAS", funny!

Experimenting was fun.  I thought that was going to be the girl who tried a bunch of stuff on her blog. I was happy with that identity. BUT Project Runway changed all that. As I am approaching 10 months of blogging, I want to have a vision too. The best designers do. (IMHO)

Which brings me to an interesting idea. Because I analyze for a living, I tend to do that with bloggers too. I am able to review their work and conclude their design aesthetic. So I thought it would be fun to start a bimonthly Segment called Diagnosis Design. I will pick designers who, to me, are clear in their vision and through analysis, samples of their work, and interview, will diagnose their design. In the future, you will find a tab on the top of my blog with all my diagnoses! The segment will start every other Thursday starting December 6th. My first diagnosis will be of the spectacular designer Jennifer Rzasa. 

I hope you will enjoy it and with that find your own way too. Lastly, I wanted you to know that after much soul searching, asking, and analyzing, I have realized who I am as a designer. This new found direction I have tried to showcase in my posts recently. I hope the few people who visit my blog regularly notices the difference, because I certainly have.


I am identifiable.

I would describe me as...DRUM ROLL PLEASE...


Certainly a design aesthetic I am going to continue to fine tune, but at least I have a place to center myself.

this concludes my monologue :)


  1. I lurve your monologues...and I adore your idea for a diagnosis segment! Can't wait to read what you have to say about Jen :).

  2. You're fabulous my dear...I look forward to your new feature! Awesome the pops of color.

  3. First I have to say, I love your "random" boy card! Love the distressed edges and the washi tape. It's very CAS. I'm looking forward to your new blog segment Diagnosis Design. I have no idea what my style is but maybe reading your segment will get me thinking in that direction.

  4. The card is really nice! Clean and fresh...just like you described yourself! I do come by regularly, and I agree with your self diagnosis :) looking forward to your new Diagnosis Design :)

  5. Yup. Fresh, clean and simple. Can't wait to read your Diagnosis Design segment.

  6. Lovely card Wida!
    Looking forward to your Diagnosis Design!

  7. My favorite was Christopher too!

    I'm so happy that you were able to pinpoint your style...and I'd say it's right on! Your card today is fresh and CAS for sure :)

    Also, I can't wait to read what you write for my Diagnosis!

  8. Okay, I'm putting on my seat belt and getting ready for Diagnosis Design! This is going to be fun!

    And your card is lots of fun! I really like the random washi! I'm totally washi-impaired;)

  9. Cute card! I love the colors and addition of washi tape!

  10. LOve your ramblings!
    It will be very interesting to see your DIAGNOSIS DESIGN segments.
    I'm still trying to find my little nitch...still all over the place:)

    GLAD you have happily come to the title FRESH YOU!

  11. Very nice card. And yes...that's pretty much dead on, my dear! :)

  12. Okay I don't have cable tv so I'll just skip over all that stuff. Love the card and as for finding your design style... YUP, I agree with you!!! It's that little addition of fresh that makes it you. Now tell me what's mines??? I guess I'll just read the interviews and figure it out :)

  13. Okay girlie, love your card! Can I say "what, moi? Really?" I appreciate the shout out and I am honored, really. It wasn't until I discovered CAS-ual Fridays 1 year ago, that I realized, "Hey, I think that's me." Now, how long have I been crafting? Sheesh! Love how you layered your tape. I've got lots to learn about washi.

  14. Fresh CAS definitely describes your work! Love this card, and I can't wait to see your diagnosis design segment! :-)

  15. I am so looking forward to this new direction...can't wait for your first new post.

  16. Awesome card, Wida! Love the randomness and yummy washi! And I can't wait for your Diagnoses, too!

  17. Oh masculine cards are tough to make! But you made an awesome card... with overlapping washi too! I cannot wait for Diagnosis Design. Sounds like a fun new topic!

  18. Love the colors and the touch of washi tape is awesome. Thanks so much for playing with us at CAS-ual Fridays!

  19. Delightful CAS card, Wida! The card, the blog, the new segment is so YOU! So glad that you join the fun with CAS-ual Fridays!!

  20. OK, so I am going to publicly admit that my husband and I watch America's Next Top Model. After they narrow down the field and have eliminated all the "good" models, they start eliminating those who haven't found their style. Edgy, haute couture, waifish, etc. So, Tyra's thinking is similar, in order to get to the next level and move from "good" to "great" you need to find your style. I like your "fresh CAS" label ... that really seems to fit you. Looking forward to your new diagnostic feature. I haven't seen anything like that on other blogs. Reminds me of the Secrets From a Stylist show on HGTV where Emily Henderson gives people a visual test and then tells them what their decorating style is:

  21. I love that washi tape! This is a really cool design. Thanks for playing with us at CAS-ual Fridays! By the way, I always knew you were CAS *wink*

  22. I'm still happy wading in the deign quagmire! I like that not having a "style" means that you are free to experiment - that being said, I usually end up back at "Clean but not necessarily Simple" LOL!


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