Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Case Study #114


The muse at Case Study is the fantastic Julia Stainton. I dream of making cards like her. Her's is the kind that belong in boutiques and sell for $8.00 each and is totally worth it because she puts a lot of stuff on her card and it looks expensive.

Let's see how much you would pay for my card...hehe.

Listen, I used some high quality buttons! That should be worth a few bucks!

Next week the muse is Angeline Yong. I. AM. SO. PLAYING.

See ya!


  1. You are so funny Wida! I love your card~it rocks too! I love the buttons and fun die window~

  2. So cute!! love your take on this challenge!!

  3. I adore this cute monkey cut out and those "high-quality" buttons:)

  4. Beautiful, Wida! Love, love your buttons!

  5. This is super cute! Love those buttons and the Monkey! I can never get a button to look like it belongs on a card and these are a perfect balance.

  6. Wida, your card brought a great big smile to my face! It's so much fun! :-)


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