Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chevron Color Trends Challenge

Back by popular demand and because she wouldn't get out of most of the shots...ANYA!!

(It's my second post today)

Using masking to create a "window"

I love the graphic look of chevron, don't you? though some of the other card makers created such gentle backdrops with it that I might have to reconsider my thoughts on chevron and what it can do.

I saw squares and circles, chevron, and the colors. so that's what my card ended up as. I had a bunch of failed cards for this challenge. They have to come up with a name for cards that don't make it, like CRASHES-for cards that you want to put in the trash. 



  1. What a cutie Anya is! She's the perfect addition for a shot of this pretty card! I love your bold chevrons!

  2. OH MY Gosh!!! Your little Anya is such a doll! I love her sweet haircut!! Oh, and your card's not too bad either:) I love the yummy chevrons with the short little banner hanging down AND I love how your sentiment overlaps that flower. Did I forget anything else? No Debby update today?

  3. Cute cute card and cute cute Anya...I guess that's the little voice in your video huh!!! I'm totally digging on chevrons lately too, can't get enough of them :)

  4. Now...WHO can resist a cute girl and a chic card!? This is awesome!! I love your stylish (almost) one layer card! Well done, Wida! And as for the little "model" Anya, she is going to have to do more debut here! ADORE her smile:)

  5. lovely card, love your bold chevrons, and such a CUTE Anya ; )

  6. Fabulous card Wida! I love how you masked the window section! Anya is a DOLL!!! You've been a busy stamper!!


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