Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sometimes you feel like a nut...sometimes you don't

Got another funky card.

 Embellish's trigger photo had a fog to it that I wanted to represent with a gray background and just a pop of color. Very different than the other card I made where I really focused on the shapes and colors and not the mood. I sound like a total nut today. It's true, keep reading, gets worse!

DEBBY UPDATE: Still no Debby despite the efforts of my blog friends to help my campaign. Only one day left before the Runway Inspired challenge ends, so the pressure is on. Come On DEBBY, I need a happy ending to this story :) If anyone reads this post and knows Debby, send her here

In the famous words of Jesse Jackson: KEEP HOPE ALIVE! 



  1. Such a fun card!! Love the chevrons with the polka dots and the stitching, too!! No doubt about it. You are officially a NUT BAR!!

  2. You've been rocking this challenge. The stitching is just the right touch :)

  3. beautiful muted polka dots with bright chevron. love the stitches too.

  4. You are making me wanna get those chevron stamps!


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