Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Good Intentions

My intentions were good.

I wanted to make a pretty little window card. You know the ones with the cute scenes and lovely flowers. That's not what happened.

First, this card started as a regular card. It is now a flat card. Mainly cuz I messed up A LOT. In my effort to save paper, I kept using all the sides of the paper...next thing I knew, I ran out of options. So I decided to embrace it.

Then my skyline went a little wrong, so I cut them out and stacked them. phew! that was a sweet save.

I wanted a miss you, or thinking of you, or something like that. NOTHING. My sentiment collection is really disgusting. Luckily, I got a bunch of micro stickers and went to work.

HERE ladies and gentlemen is my final card for the A BLOG NAMED HERO CARDS WITH A VIEW CHALLENGE: (holding breath, squeezing eyes shut)

DEBBY UPDATE: there have been no sightings of Debby so far. I will keep you posted. (for the whole Debby story click here)



  1. I love this card, Wida! And it was so fun to read your process. Happy accidents are the best. I have this stamp & I can't wait to layer it the way you have. Thanks for the inspiration! :-)

  2. Great idea and effect with layering the buildings! Hilarious Debby update! You're fearless!

  3. Great ending with the series of accidents and mess-ups! Love the sticker sentiment on the yellow moon. You are too funny. I will sure update you about Debby if I ever catch a glimpse of her.

  4. I think it turned out great! I love the skyline and I think the stickers are perfect!! Thanks for playing along with us at A Blog Named Hero!!

  5. OH SO fab. I don't see any accidents!!!

  6. I LOVE this card Wida!!! It's beautiful!!! I love the embossed buildings and the sentiment in the moon! Perfect! BTW, I commented on Debby's blog the other day and let her know I had come see it because you were gushing about it on your blog. Hey, I'm trying to get her over here for you! ;P

  7. i love it! thanks so much for playing along with our Challenge #2 at A Blog Named Hero

  8. Yea!!! Success-You are clearly very persistent and it really paid off this time! Love this card! Well, of course I am not Debbie, (I adore her work too) but I think your cards are some of the most creative out here in Blogland. Keep up the good work! See ya!


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