Sunday, December 1, 2013

Room Makeover!

When my first child, a precious girl I named Sophia, was born, I spent time decorating her room. I painted a flower stencil on the wall and picked out pretties. It was so fun to decorate for a little girl.

Anya came along and she slept in a crib in our room for a while and then we had Karina and had to move! Coming into this house, I used the same bedding I used in Sophia's old room (which I redecorated again when she was about 3). Karina slept in the guest room in Sophia's old crib with no real space of her own to decorate.  :(

One day I heard Anya say to a playdate, I don't really like my room and she kept making excuses about her room. I felt so sad.  We have been in our house for over 2 years and she never said anything like that to me. I knew it was time to make it pretty. We moved Karina into the room once she outgrew her crib and so to give my 2 girls the same love I had given my first in decorating her space made me happy. 

Here is Sophia's old room. 

and here is the bedroom in the new house for Anya and Karina. Anya didn't like the color on the walls at all. 

So Anya and I started our consultation together and here is what we came up with. She wanted a pink/purple room. We started with the bedding. A cute set from Target.

Then I found this inspiration room from Pinterest and this is how it all came together! 3 coats of paint including the ceiling. The color was Sweet Illusion by Behr with primer. 

tissue paper pom pons, about $1.00 each to make

Butterfly wall hanging using papers from my stash and Silhouette file (Design #12033).  

I got this distressed desk that is a gray, I still need chair but am waiting for the perfect one...

Frame from Ikea. I cut a large butterfly that is the same one I used for the wall hanging.

Some shelves from Ikea with recycled toys.

 Picture frames from Ikea.

So that's it! Anya is very thankful and proud of her room now and I am so pleased with how it came out.


  1. It's so amazing! I love that you involved the girls and gave them such a sweet space to enjoy together!

    1. Also yes, what Elena said. I didn't get any choice or input for my room growing up. You've set such a wonderful, inclusive example with your girls. <3

  2. Wida... I'm looking for the right words to describe this. I don't really have them yet. This is serenely beautiful. I can see how every inch of this make-over was so lovingly attended to. So many wonderful personal touches. Beautiful soft sugary walls. Pretty and girly and so, so perfect. The girls are delighted I'm sure, and you should be justifiably proud. This is breathtaking!!

    You can come makeover my home any day. :-P

  3. Way to transform the room!! Anya is one lucky girl! I bet Karina is loving it, too! I am loving her room! You can be a full-time decorator if you want to :)

  4. It's gorgeous! I'm sure your girls will love it for years to come :)

  5. So stunning! They must love it! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. :)

  6. You did a seriously amazing job with this. LOVE!!!! So glad that you were able to spoil the littles a little. They always seem to get the short end of the 'new' stick.

  7. So pretty! <3 <3 <3 the butterflies on the wall. And the pom poms are beautiful. You have done an amazing job, Wida! Lucky girls.

  8. Just stunning Wida. I think it is so important for a girl to have a sense of self and you have certainly done that. I think a second career is just around the corner for you - Interior Designer!

  9. So stunning! i'm so impressed you did those gorgeous decorations with your Silhouette. I have a Silhouette, but never think to use it for something like this. Maybe I should give it a try for my little boy's room!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous! I would love to have that room. :)

  11. LOVE how the room turned out! I remember you were asking for a poll on the paint color--good choice! The pompoms and butterflies add a whimsical touch!

  12. What a magical room you created for your little ones. Growing up my bedrooms never looked that good!

  13. Oh, wow, this looks amazing! I would love to paint Sage's room this colour.... her's is a darker pink and I'm not crazy about it. But she is, so I guess that's the main thing.... ;)

  14. The room turned out so, so pretty... your daughters must be very happy with the new fantastic room, and their supportive mom :).

  15. You are such a good Mom! I won't show my girls this gorgeous room. They might want to trade me in (I didn't inherit any interior design skills or inclination).

  16. Wow!! You could be a room designer!! Want to come over and do my room?


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