Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top Cards of 2013 by Bloggers **Pictures Now Included**

I picked these artists for their body of work as well as the particular card that wowed me. So impressed with card makers. I can't believe this little canvas can have such limitless possibilities!! There is NO RANKING and I couldn't stop at 10. Also I did not pick any from my top 10 last year (you ladies remain on my love list. Here is the list from 2012)  I have also grown to appreciate so many more design aesthetics also and that is reflected on my list.

Pamela Ho the IT girl of 2013 as far as I am concerned. She is amazing, innovative, and has such a flair to make cute and edgy work flawlessly!

Laurie Willison her card had me looking at sketches and design completely differently. It catapulted me to see the card canvas in ways I have never seen it before. In other words, it changed my card making life!

Joni from the first look into her blog I knew she was going to be a somebody in blog land. She has the "it" factor. Her cards take effort and it shows.

Maggie Holmes for starting my journey into a new style.

Agnieszka S. for her constant way of making me say WOW.

Elena for making me speechless with the time and effort spent to make every detail perfect and for loving MIMI as much as I do!

Lisa Spangler and this honorable mention by far one of the leaders of the industry.

Danielle Flanders for making me appreciate whimsy like no one else.

Donna Mikasa and this honorable mention for her CAS wonders including innovative design using very little supplies

Kay Miller for her graphic yet,  cute,  SOLID cards every time.

Therese Calvird this card...this card is delicious! funny, well done, perfect.

Vivian Maskett for her uncanny way to make cards look like scrapbook pages

Jocelyn Olson and this honorable mention for being able to trick me again and again with hybrid design

Meredith McRitchie for her beautiful soft photography to capture her stunning work and making Christmas fun all year round.

Lea Lawson for her special way of creating a jam packed EDGY card

Roree Rumph for her ability to use patterned paper and embellishments so effortlessly. Every time I see this card, I want to pin it on Pinterest and Pinterest tells me I already did!

So that is it! See you in 2014 for an amazing year...great things are ahead. I am renewed to make this blog better starting with the blog redesign which I did myself (thanks to my sister-in-law Carla). 

**edited to include photos of the cards...thanks Debby Hughes :)


  1. A great list and also some people I don't know, I love that as it means I get to discover something new! Thanks Wida and congrats on an awesome year for you too - looking forward to seeing what you do in 2014!!

  2. First of all, thank you so much for including me! :) :) Second, I LOVE your list--some I've seen but many I had not. I kept thinking "wow" with every one, and I love the varied styles. Third, your blog looks fantastic. I love the header and the clean look. You have such a good eye. Happy 2014!

  3. Wida! I actually gasped when I saw my card, because it never even occurred to me that I'd be on your list! You're too kind, my friend! This list is awesome, and I think you picked all the right designers. Happy new year!

  4. Excellent list and such beautiful cards! Happy New Year!

  5. Thrilled and honored to be on your list! And thank you for directing me to some "new" names as well.
    I think you should squeeze your name up there at the very top. You are an awesome card maker and I LOVE your style!
    Happy Happy New Year to you!

  6. Happy NEW Year to you and your family!!
    such a great post..LOVE all the cards you choose...
    look foward to all your inspiration this year too...and your fun videos!
    hugs Holly.

  7. I like how you appreciate different styles, and this is such a great list! That card by Maggie Holmes has me drooling :D

  8. Seriously gorgeous eye candy! Loving these ladies!

  9. Oh my goodness!! What an honor to be included! What a wonderful way to start the new year! :) Thank you so much! I am truly honored!! I will be checking out all of the other lovelies you have posted!! What gorgeous work! Thank you again and I hope you have a wonderful 2014!! (hugs)

  10. These are all Amazing Wida! You have a great talent for making cards and a great eye for picking the stunners. Happy New Year!!!

  11. sigh… these are gorgeous and they all are amazing card makers! love this beautiful post, Wida! Hope you have a fabulous 2014!

  12. Perfect list. Fantastic cards and fantastic card makers. Your cards rank right up with these in my book. It's always fun visiting your blog and seeing what you've made. I look forward to more of your wonderful creations all year long! Blessed New Year. Bev

  13. Oh my! Thank you for including me on your list! Happy New Year to you - hoping to see more of you this year!

  14. Happy New Year, Wida! What a fun post! So awesome that you have included new and old designers ... all with different styles, yet all so lovely. They will be fun to check out. And, your new blog style looks good on you : ) Because I'm not well-versed on social media channels, I was hoovering over your "follow me" buttons and noticed that the Flickr one is going to a youtube address. Anyway, a big Happy New Year to you, my friend!

  15. awesome picks and love your choices!
    Happy New Year!

  16. What an amazing post. So chock full of inspiration. You sure know how to pick 'em.

  17. Aww...Thank you for including me Wida. You are so sweet! Happy New Year :)

  18. OK I am coming back again because my first comment didn't post. I saw this the other day and you totally made my day! Thank you so much for your sweet words and for including me in your list! I am so lucky to have met you and to call you a friend! :) Hugs!

  19. You have put together a wonderful list of cards and super talented ladies. Thanks so much for including me in that list! Happy New Year!

  20. I do remember getting this post in my inbox. Whew. I guess I've missed two. Sorry for the alarm! LOL

    Thanks for sharing what others have created. It's a great way to be introduced to some talents I haven't heard of yet!

  21. Such an inspiring group! Thank you for sharing this!

  22. Thank you for your post and selecting some cards and artists I haven't yet been introduced to-- some of the cards here were my favorites as well, especially Kay, Pamela, Meridith, and Joni's card--just WOW! Your work isn't too shabby either, Wida!! Really awesome work; looking forward to following you more in 2014!


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