Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"Hey I Like Your Stuff. You Inspire Me."(OK. Not exactly in those words)

I have a card to share and then to tell you a story. First the card. This "lovely" card is made using the new Penny Black heart banner and Hugs and kisses die. The heart confetti was a gift from my new blog pal Danielle Flanders :)  


So here is the thing. I make cards. I know many of you make cards. And some days us making cards seems really important and enjoyable and fun. And then sometimes you wonder if anyone is out there  or cares about what you are making. Are you making "good" stuff? Do people like it? And well these kind of analytical thoughts can make a carefree card maker a bit neurotic. 

Then, one unexpected day, you get an email from a sweet fellow blogger who says, "Hey, I like your stuff. You inspire me." (OK not sure if she used those EXACT) words.  And your whole world just seems a little better.

I had just such a day thanks to Christine Drogt. She is CASEing bloggers whose work she likes for the month of December with a video to boot! No easy task! I think it is interesting to be CASED and wondered which card she would chose?! You can see the chosen card and how she cased it on her blog HERE

So if anyone else feels this way, hey drop me a comment and lets chat about it. Maybe I will CASE my favorite card of YOURS ;)


  1. Wida, I would LOVE you to CASE me! I agree with you, we work away making cards, and sometimes wonder if it is only us who likes our own work. ;-) I not only like (love) your work, I really, REALLY like YOU. You're funny and warm and so, so talented. I'm glad I "met" you here in blogland.

  2. This is fab, Wida! I completely agree with you, it can feel like no one is looking. I have had many a neurotic moment blogging about this hobby, lol!

  3. I like you a lot too! And I like this card, those banners are really fun and I like how red they are, and I also like how the 's'es in the sentiment look kind of like Hershey's kisses. Perhaps not meant to be, but you know, I see candy everywhere....

  4. "Hey, I like your stuff. You inspire me." That's it, I said... and no, this is not for having a card CASED by you. Although it would be a honor, I'm not in that phase yet (I hope I will be sometime...). I don't comment much because I don't like to write just "beautiful" or "amazing" or something as short as that, but the truth is that it takes me a lot of time reading, writing and checking every sentence, and spelling, to verify if it makes sense. You see, I love spoken and written words a lot, and it is painful knowing that I'm too clumsy expressing myself. And as making cards has good and bad days, my written expression also has those days.
    This is almost a testament :)... I'm finishing, just wanted you to be sure that I love your work, thoughts, and inspiration you share! Merry Christmas, Wida!

  5. I totally understand that you are CASEd. Your projects are so artistic in design and execution. It's so interesting that you wonder about your creations. That's amazing to someone like me. I love cardmaking, and I hack along, making cards for friends and family. My little creations aren't that special or artistic, but they do make me happy, most of the time...I have lots of doubt, but I continue to create.

  6. Yep - CASEing I feel is the ultimate compliment! Just to let you know, I look at your cards daily -- commenting not so much -- I am bad about that, but yet I want them.......I know they name streets after me - One Way. :) Your post simply re-enforced -- give comments! :)

  7. sweet card, Wida! well, yes. feeling more and more like that lately and just thinking that maybe i am really bad at this card making thing. ha! then again, it's probably just me. =) i adore your work and i may just have to case one of your cards one of these days! it's a wonderful compliment!

  8. I hear ya sister. I think most who are blogging know on some level that their stuff is "good" but when I really think about stuff like this is when you make something that you're super excited about, you know, the project that you wake up the next morning and check on in your craft space just because you want to look at it again and make sure it's still there, you post about it, and for some reason expect the heavens to open up, angels to sing, and a big beam of light to shine on it. Because you are just that excited. So yeah, that never happens, right? But it's those little surprises, like Christine's note, that keep us going I think. Keep on keepin' on, Wida! We love you!!

    PS. I checked out the card Christine case'd ... loved that cloud shaker!

  9. You should be CASEd, Wida! But I totally get where you are coming can be lonely blogging. But obviously people are reading your blog and appreciate your creativity. Continue on making beautiful art!


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