Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pretty Darn Happy With Myself! And Organizing My Craft Space

Oh I was so happy with this card!!!

 photo 2b596a5d-f74d-46dd-9780-ac9415d3cae3_zpsdbd42d6b.jpg

It turned out just like I wanted it to...SCORE! To get the look of the leaves, I did some generation stamping. You can find a great tutorial on this technique HERE.

Our sponsor is Simon Says Stamp!  You MUST check out the design team:

Speaking of stamps, I have been busy organizing a bit in my craft room. I want to remake the room and in trying to decide if I am open display "boutique" style crafter, or a keep it behind cabinets and make it look sleek crafter. I think I am the former. I have been looking at craft rooms like crazy on Pinterest. I think this one is my favorite pins:

I like that it looks like a little store. Been looking at pieces of furniture I would like to see in the space. So far my favorites are these found on the internet:

And in the meantime, I have been rearranging my stuff with what I have:

Having all my embellishments out, helps me see what I have and USE them! This is a shoe rack. It holds small stamps up on top and then embellishments on the bottom 2 racks.

I put my wood mounted stamps in a corner so I can see them and fall in love all over again ;)


  1. Love your sweet and delightful card, Wida! Your wood stamps display is lovely! Who wouldn't want to craft in a boutique-like place? I do!

  2. Love the flowers and stamping. I am envious that you have a dedicated space. I love the baskets. I think Boutique style stimulates creativity!

  3. Beautiful card and I love what you've done so far with your boutique style display. I do think it helps to have everything out where you can see it.

  4. haha - with our current basement renovation, I've been looking at new craftroom storage, but guess which way I'm leaning? Everything closed off and "sleek" ;)

  5. Your card is superb! Love everything about it :)
    I too like the idea of having my things out where I can see them. You should see my craft area, it looks like you just walked into a store. Well, I haven't really shared any pictures yet...but hopefully soon.

  6. Oh I love your card so much Wida, what a lovely sentiment. I tend to fall in the middle with my crafty space. I have things organized in shoe boxes for the most part but they are clearly labelled and in plain site. I only put things in the closet that I rarely use. Love your pins!

  7. You are a genius!!!! And I love how you have the wooden stamps all out. Is that a jar of wood veneers beside it????

    Love your card... it's just so perfect!

  8. absolutely adore your gorgeous card! sigh… it is all your DT's work that stopped me from taking part in the challenge. they are too perfect! =) love the shoe rack you have for stamps. really cool!

  9. So pretty! Loving the felt and that the pieces are slightly offset, the colors are so right too and I love the overlapping leaves. The organizing is looking good!

  10. Ok, seriously incredible card! The 2nd generation stamping on the leaves adds some awesome depth, and the flowers are stunning!

    I love the idea of a boutique style crafting space- it seems to suit you well, and I cannot wait til you reveal everything once you are finished!

  11. So Lovely! Love it! I agree with Jen I think the boutique suit you very well :)

  12. Beautiful card, Wida! I love your take on the photo!
    I love your shoe rack, too! What a great idea! I'm definitely a have it out in the open crafter..... but I like it looking neat. If it's behind closed doors, I'll forget that I have it.


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