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Diagnosis Design #8 Clouds Shadler

First an intro...

In medicine, we document using SOAP notes. It is an abbreviation to help keep consistent format when logging information. 

S=Subjective. What does the patient report. Subjective Data. This also includes the Chief Complaint (CC) which tells what the patients main problem is and History of Present Illness (HPI) a history of what happened to bring them in.

O=Objective. What exam findings do you gather. Objective Data.

A=Assessment. What is your Diagnosis, what differentials could there be (alternative diagnoses)

P=Plan/Education. What is the plan for the patient. What do you want them to learn?

This is the format I will use also.


Now lets begin. This is Claudia Shadler, also known as Clouds...

She works in a law firm. 

Claudia is married to Scott...

and they have a (BIG) dog named Luna who liked me more than I anticipated...

I adore her Facebook page. It's like a cool blog. She posts about cool trips she takes, wonderful food she eats, and the places she runs. I love her take on life. The images just draw me in and tell a story without saying many words. For example...

Her past teams include Crate Paper and 2S4U. Her must have embellishment right now are: enamel dots...she is crazy about them! Favorite place to travel: Europe - She loves France.

CC: She does it for fun. 
HPI: I have loved Claudia's work for SO long. Long before I was a blogger I admired her work. She has been blogging since 2008. HERE is her first post. And in her own words:

I've been crafting since 2008 - I started off just going to Stampin' Up! parties at a hostess's home - it was fun and I have always been more into crafts, and it was a good past time for me. I wound up in the blogging world one day and thought it would be a great way to showcase my cards. So I started a blog that same year, been doing so ever since. My crafting blog is just that, crafting as a hobby. I've submitted some cards for publishing, some made it, some not, I've made wonderful friends through my craft blog and keep making more, which I love. There is always someone crafty that inspires my creativity, and hope I do so too to others. I live in Denver, CO with my husband Scott and pup Luna. What can I say? Life is good, so stay tuned for more

1. how many hours a week do you craft?
I don't think I've ever timed my crafting, but I'd say maybe 2-3 times a month, and that is on a good month.
2. Why have you decided to return to crafting for the joy of it vs DT etc

 I craft because it's fun, simple as that. I craft when I feel creative, or special requests for cards have been made (mostly from peeps at work) or getting together with other craft pals. But crafting for me is mainly for fun, to make new friends, to enjoy creativity and it's something I can do by myself at home, it's theraputic for me, some me time having fun.
3. where do you get inspiration?
Lots of crafty people, some I know, some I don't, some times from my past projects, some times it's the crafts supplies I have on stash that inspire me to create.
4. what is your crafting motto
DO IT FOR FUN and when I feel like it. I do not craft for $$ or fame (which is all good in the right amount, don't get me wrong) 

5. when did you get your own design aesthetic, how did it come?
It's still a work in progress, I do not think I am where I can say "yup, that's my style 100%" although I do come close from time to time. I do enjoy CAS crafting and some times I'll do some really funky designs, it's really what I'm in the mood for. However, I do try to work in symmetry, even though when it's not as obvious to other people, there is some structure to my chaos.

6. how long have you been crafting?
(I have to admit I looked @ my blogger profile for this question) I have been crafting since 2008 - so … for 5 years, and I've hoarded a lot of craft supplies since then, there, I said it :)
7. what is your top 5 essential must haves to create a quintessential Clouds card?
(yikes!) hmmm … 1)My guillotine paper cutter 2) Stampin' Up! grid paper (my cards come out crooked if I don't use it) 3) patterned paper (this however can change and be scratched off the top 5 list in the future) 4) double-sided tape 5) Bone folder (there's something about folding your card stock neatly, it just says a lot about the crafter, hehe.
8. Have you ever gotten stuck on a card before? If so, how do you fix it?

Yes, I wanted to use a SC card kit a while back, I thought I had an idea and it fell through as a though, I can't say that I fixed it, but I re-did the card altogether, it was supposed to be a bday card and ended as a thank you card.

Here is an impromptu interview with Claudia at Archiver's!

The best way you can see a persons style is through a body of work. Let me show you what Claudia can do. These are some of my most favorites...

the window sill shots that I love so much...

those little staples..

that twine! 

and sweet homemade embellishments...

the banners with the perfect font...

and that shiny white table that I also love.

the brilliant use of splatter...

Do you notice:
  • She does scrapbook pages, tags, cards, she is a triple threat!
  • She is a master at patterned paper
  • Her cards always have pretty little things popped up (either a flower, or a rosette, or a heart, just a little element that is handmade and special)


She is effortless in execution of her cards which are always clean and simply. She is a master of pattern paper and color. She doesn't play by any rules, yet stays on trend.  Every card gives you something new to look at and be inspired by. Nothing describes her better than her blog title itself: "Clouds Color Garden."

In asking the community what makes Claudia stand out amongst the rest and what they like about her work...

Kelly Purkey( Stamp and Craft Designer ): Claudia's work popped out at me from the gallery at Studio Calico years ago. I love her clean style and the bright color combinations she uses. It's cool to see how she puts together layouts using products in a way that I wouldn't have thought of myself - it's so inspiring!

Laura Bassen (DT member for PTI, Paper Smooches, Mama Elephant, Simon Says Stamp): I have adored Claudia's style, or Clouds as I like to call her, since I first laid eyes on her blog. Every now and again I'll see a random "Clouds card" pop up in Pinterest. My heart skips a beat, even if I've seen the card a million times before. I don't know if it's her effortless approach to layering beautiful pattern papers and embellishments or her gorgeous photography. Either way I can't get enough of it.

Ashley C Newell ( DT member for PTI, Crate Paper, Studio Calico): I've always admired Clouds's eye for design. She has a very clean and simple design, but can seamlessly add layers and maintain a graphic style. Her use of patterns and colors always creates a striking project. I can even confess that I wanted to be like Clouds and aspired to be on Crate Paper's design team...just like she was because her projects were always so inspirational to me! Not only is she a great paper crafter, but Clouds is a wonderful person. Having met with her during her travels to DC, we really hit it off. I just wished we lived closer and maybe her sense of style would rub off on me!

Think you want to join this genre? 

Get a good camera: Claudia has a Nikon D7000 and she knows how to use it.

Rosettes: Know how to make them. Claudia learned from Keisha Campbell. You can find the tutorial HERE (or watch the video above)

Smalls: Most of Claudia's cards are very small (just like she is). PS. She drives a mini cooper. :)

Studio Calico and Crate Paper Please. These lines are Claudia's favorites :)

If I had to pick a song that represented Claudia to ME, it would be this one:

LORDE-Royals. She isn't about what the rest of the world is doing. I love her sense of self assurance. 

Thank you Claudia for taking the time to answer the questions and giving me full access to your blog Cloudscolorgarden.


  1. Wonderful! I really love this series, Wida! I wasn't familiar with Cloud's work, and I'm just in awe! Her work is a master class on how to use the patterned paper I keep hoarding and never use. Thanks :)

  2. Thanks fro introducing Claudia...I love anything MINI too!
    Her use of pattern paper if rules...with Great pops!
    Another Fab post Wida:)

  3. Thanks for introducing me to Claudia. And you do this so well, Wida. Thanks.

  4. Wida, this is so cool, thanks for featuring me :) What a trip! (hugs)

  5. Awesome post! Love learning about Claudia! My favorite part was the video and watching her talk about how she chooses pattern papers and creates her famous rosettes. I adore everything Claudia makes! Thanks for another fabulous DD, Wida!

  6. Another great diagnosis! Thanks for the intro to a great card maker!

  7. I was not familiar with Claudia until just now. Thanks so much for the introduction to her and her work. I love what I have seen and am going to hop over to her blog for a closer look.

  8. What a great interview. Thanks for introducing me to Claudia. I like her style!!!!

  9. Such a fun post and video! Thanks for the her style!

  10. I am such a ginormous fan of Clouds...seriously.

  11. Wow! Clouds is one awesome crafter! And now I want to make some rosettes....Thanks for introducing us to your crafty friend!

  12. love love the interview! very cool post and absolutely adore Clouds work. thanks so much for the awesome post, Wida!

  13. What a fun post! Being in the medical field myself, your SOAP note format really caught my eye!

  14. I didn't really know Clouds' work before! Thanks for highlighting her here Wida - she now has another fan and you have another successful diagnosis!!

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