Friday, November 22, 2013

Absolutely...Struggling to be a Working Mom

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Bet you are wondering what part of this card has 8??! THERE ARE 8 STAMPED BLUE FLOWERS!! Yup. The stamp was given to me by the dear Nina Yang! Thanks Nina, you got great taste! Won't you join Casual Fridays Challenge this week? You could get a prize from:

Lately, I have been thinking how hard it is to be a working mom. You always feel like you are a a mediocre employee and a mediocre mom. Nothing gets all your attention because nothing really can. Some of us need to work for financial reasons or because it is important to who we are as people, before we were moms or wives. I am so passionate about my career and yet, because I am not the bread winner and have 4 kids, I can't give it what it needs to be recognized at work as worthy of merit and promotion. But as I pushed them in the cart at Costco today and shared a pizza for lunch, just talking about silly things, I know that this is what they will remember of me.

Not my cards.

Not that I felt I was a mediocre employee.

But that I loved them and made them feel special.

I am trying to give myself grace. Trying to remember that this time is precious. But it is hard.


  1. They will be little for such a short time. An incredibly short time! The little things will matter. They will remember...but most importantly YOU will not have regrets. Enjoy the little things, they are the big payoff. and...really like your card too :)

  2. Wida, you are so right! We working Mums find it hard to give enough of ourselves to everything in our lives, but our kids will remember that we smiled, that we giggled with them, that we took time just to focus on them. The quality time we give is special, and they will remember. Our family is the most important part of our lives, the other things may be necessary, but (especially while the kids are little) they need to take second place in the grand scheme. Be gentle to yourself, you're doing an awesome job! Oh, and I love your card. ;-)

  3. It is hard to juggle. I was in your shoes and learned that no situation is ideal for some of us. There are pros and cons and choices and no choices. But you are being too hard on yourself. Your kids will be fine and are learning a lot by watching your juggle and earn a living! And the job? Once your kids are grown, there will be plenty of time to grow in your career. Try to relax -- I know it is hard but you are already in a hard spot -- being too tough on yourself adds stress that you do not need. Love the card too!!!

  4. You are not mediocre, my friend! You are an amazing nurse and your kids are so proud of you, I'm sure!! I love your card today! So pretty! Hugs!

  5. I agree with Laurie! Lead with your heart, like you always do, and don't let your head get in your way! You are AWESOME.

  6. Absolutely GORGEOUS card, Wida! WOW!!!! This is so awesome!

  7. Fabulous design! You are so right! Sometimes it's so hard to balance it all. Our kiddos love us through it all!

  8. I can totally relate to your post, Wida! I often wonder what my kids will remember about me..... Hopefully the good. ;)
    Your card is absolutely fabulous!

  9. Just wanted to say that your post rings true in my life, too. I am a working mom, not by choice, but by necessity. I do love my job as a 5th grade special ed teacher, but I have three elementary school aged children and I wish with all my heart that I got to "stay home" with them. I struggle every day with this issue. I am always so thankful to know there are other moms like me...doing our best, trying to work, loving our kids, and looking for time to craft. :) Thanks for sharing! I love your cards!

  10. i agree with Laurie, too. you are not mediocre in any way. you are just a perfectionist. you think you are not doing enough, but they'll know and they we'll remember. absolutely adore you and your card, girl! =)

    1. I agree with all of the above! You appear to be a perfectionist and so you are your harshest critic, but you are so obviously a fabulous Mum and sure to be a wonderful Nurse, so be kind to yourself and remember that others don't expect you to be as perfect as you expect yourself to be!
      Oh and you are an inspiring crafter and kind and fun blog buddy! Love this card btw!

  11. And those are eight very sweet flowers surrounded by creativity, Wida! Re being a working mom, it is hard. So hard. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, hon, the time growing these children up to be caring and responsible adults goes by quick as a flash in the Big Picture. And, especially by today's life spans, you will then have many, many years to fully engage at work and go as far in your career as you want to go. The emphasis now is on the kids; the emphasis then will be on the job. Life has a way of balancing it all out for us, with grace, once we get that. End of unsolicited profundity, LOL!! Big hugs, Darnell

  12. Very sweet! I do like that stamp and those sequins and the stitching. Achieving balance is always a challenge, but from where I stand you are making all the right choices to achieve that and at the same time excelling and growing in all your roles, you are pretty much awesome.

  13. Oh, Wida, you're so deep!
    If there's one thing we can't afford to stuff up in life, it's parenting our kids to the best of our ability, guiding them into confident adulthood. (And working mums can do that just as well as stay at home mums.) As your kids get older and more independent, you will get more time for career, etc., but these days when they are young are like gold. Enjoy pizzas and giggles while you can!! Oh, and I love the card!!

  14. LOVE your card! At first I started counting the sequins...then the paper strips.....duh! And don't be so hard on yourself! Enjoy your kids now because they'll grow up so fast and everything else will fall into place. Absolutely.


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