Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday Afternoons #3

It's another Saturday Afternoon, which means it's time for another October Afternoon project!

this uses 5 & Dime

Since October Afternoon has a sweet vibe of vintage childlike images, I thought it would be fun to include a story with each post about my life.


this is my purse:

and you want to know why it's my purse? Well first because I think it is so gaudy it's gorgeous! But also because it has not only become my purse, but my diaper bag, lunch box, toy box, and a "mom can you hold this" contraption. 

How did this happen to me? It was a slow process. With my first child, I had a sweet purse and the magical diaper bag. You know the ones that are lined and with the diaper changing kit all inside? With my second child, I bought a all in one sling kind of purse that was bigger than I normally wore, but smaller and less obvious than the diaper bag. The third child came and I brought out the same bag again, but also carried a purse. I wasn't as attached to the kid bag as before. Sometimes I left it in the car, gasp! And with this LAST kid, I promise, it's the last kid, I just got a HUGE purse and shove everything in it! 

It's called struggling to surrender. 

One day I will have to tell you the day I crossed over to the other side. You know what I am talking about right? You were young and cute and everyone flirted with you. Then sometime in your 30's it all changed. It's a sad story. I will tell it when you have kleenex nearby. 


  1. You are still cute Wida - and so is your card! Think I might go play with some October Afternoon myself now!

  2. Very cute! The little banner of sorts is adorable! And you're gorgeous, so I'm sure guys still flirt with just have 4 kids so you're too tired to notice! Lol

  3. the purse!

    your card is totally sweet...nice way to showcase that OA goodness!

  4. Love your adorable card and your gorgeously gaudy purse! Funny story: The other day, I realized that my purse was getting super heavy, and yes, I, too have a big old mamma purse. I decided to empty it out. I found three full water bottles and three full diapers(not the stinky kind)! Who knows how long I had been carrying all that around???

  5. oh my word girl you are so funny... love when you tell us stories.. I do love your cute..
    Such an awesome it

  6. It's not sad. It's wonderful ^_~ You are a MOM. What could be more awesome than that!

  7. Now that's my sort of bag. And it's not gaudy at all! Love the way you've strung the vintage elements across the card.

  8. LOVE your story times as much as your cards.
    You make me smile:)

  9. Love your card Wida and of course you never fail to bring a smile to my face!!! thanks!

  10. Hahaha, so I was thinking to myself, "the streak is broken, I can't relate to this one" only because of my strange deal to not carry a purse. Ever. At all. I don't know what it is, maybe not liking the responsibility of keeping track of it, cleaning it, I dunno, but the only time I carried a purse was my sophomore year in high school where it was pretty pointless because what on Earth did I need back then. I did carry a diaper bag for a little bit, and it was one of those with the changing pads inside, so OK, I can kind of relate. Then I read your last sentence about crossing the other side. That got me! It is a bummer.


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