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Diagnosis Design #5 Andrea Budjack

First an intro...

In medicine, we document using SOAP notes. It is an abbreviation to help keep consistent format when logging information. 

S=Subjective. What does the patient report. Subjective Data. This also includes the Chief Complaint (CC) which tells what the patients main problem is and History of Present Illness (HPI) a history of what happened to bring them in.

O=Objective. What exam findings do you gather. Objective Data.

A=Assessment. What is your Diagnosis, what differentials could there be (alternative diagnoses)

P=Plan/Education. What is the plan for the patient. What do you want them to learn?

This is the format I will use also.

Now lets begin. This is Andrea Budjack...

I found out about Andrea through Laura Bassen. I am such a huge fan of her feminine layered loveliness that I wanted you all to see her work as well. She works for TOP design teams/manufactures such as AMERICAN CRAFTS, LILY BEE, AND PINK PAISLEE, just to name a few. You ever pass those beautiful houses with the lights on at night and see the inside is just as gorgeous and wonder who lives there and what do they do? Well Andrea is that for me in the card making world. I had to learn more about her!

Can you tell me about yourself? married? kids? etc. 
I am married to my high school sweetheart after five years of dating and almost thirteen years of marriage.  We have two boys, six and eight, that are my everything.  I stay at home, which I (like many) never imagined I would be doing after I had gone to college and started on a career path...but love it!  Grew up in Oregon but now live in Florida, 3,000 miles from our family.

Happiest moment? 
Personally, when I had my boys.  Artistically, seeing one of my project on the cover a magazine for the first time. 

CC: Her cards HAVE to be heavy! All those embellishments must cost a bunch too! (says the cheap interviewer)

HPI: She has been blogging since February 2010. This is her first post .

When did your design aesthetic become clear to you?  
Within the past year.  It is something that is always changing. Go through periods when I love vintage, soft and romantic then others when I love the bright colors and fun elements.

If you could interview someone in blog land who would it be and why?  
Paige Evans.  She has this balance of family, friends and creating that I admire and always with a happy tone. 

Who do you feel has a strong design aesthetic and why? 
Danielle Flanders.  She has a way of consistently creating stunning projects that when you see them you are like "that is Danielle." 

What is one supply that has changed the way you design? 
The sewing machine!  You can sew just about anything.  I love working with fabric, felt and paper products and this gives you the ability to use it all...even when you are out of adhesive.

What music do you listen to?  
While I am working away I listen to a Pandora station I created, Bette Midler.  Always something to sing to.

What are your favorite manufacturers?  
This is difficult since there are so many.  When I first began heading to the local craft store many years ago, My Mind's Eye was my favorite. The texture of the paper is just amazing.  Over the years though I have fallen for Pink Paislee, American Crafts (Dear Lizzy is dreamy), Crate Paper, Pebbles and Lily Bee.

What is your favorite color this year?  
Oh, this is tough.  I try to use them all; however, I finding myself trying to use blue more often.

What is your favorite card you ever made?  
A shadow box card for Pink Paislee.  Using a photo frame and 3d elements for a baby shower card.

The perfect blogger is one who? 
I depends on what you are looking for.  I love anyone who opens up their artistic worlds to the reader.  It is all about inspiration for me.

What is most important in creating a card?  
Make it personal.  If you love color, simple, layers, ribbon...add what makes you happy and you will make the receiver happy.

What is most challenging about blogging?  

Finding a balance between personal and artistic. Some bloggers share details about their personal life.  Some share just their creative side.  I would like to do a bit of both, but find that sometimes it can become a place to vent and do not want that to set the tone for my blog.  Always a struggle to be new and inviting.

Do you set crafty goals for yourself, a bucket list of sorts? 
Oh yes, although I usually keep them to myself.  Last year I set a goal of being published in a new magazine and the positive thinking and work paid off. This year...just have to wait and see.

Do you have any blogging idols? 
Not really.  I admire them all.  There is always something to learn, get inspired by and share.  

The best way you can see a persons style is through a body of work. Let me show you what Andrea can do. These are some of my most favorites...

She can make flowers a thousand different ways!

(she shows you how to make these flowers here)

Do you notice:
  • She can take the same element and constantly change it so it looks new every time, yet maintains her design aesthetic?
  • The charm in her photography staging? Everything around the card adds to the feel of the card itself. The metal buckets, doilies, and close ups keep in step with the country charm that is quintessential Andrea. She is like a real estate agent staging the house so you will buy! 
  • Her color palate is consistently fresh creating a harmony that any magazine would adore. She is a cover girl. Here is her first (of many) covers:

Her creative space:

"My craft space is not all that impressive.  I share the room 
with my husbands music equipment and our office.  All of creating goes on in this one room".  

(Boutique) Layered Country Garden Fresh 
I call her a $10 dollar designer. Each card is worth that much, actually more, but there are so many sweet embellishments, layers and pretties on her cards, that is is worth that much. Her cards are ones you would see in a boutique shop, special and unique. You know, the kind you would see displayed next to one of a kind Etsy jewelry and handmade baby knitwear? A place where you would sip coffee and browse for hours not realizing the time. Her work is like a vacation from the ordinary things in life, similar to the place she lives. 

In asking the crafting community what makes Andrea stand out amongst the rest and what they like about her work:

PAIGE EVANS (Creative Editor for Northridge Publishing and American Crafts Blog Hostess, Andrea is on the DT for both): Andrea has a modern-shabby-layered style and can take any product and make it beautiful. 

DANIELLE FLANDERS (Pink Paislee DT with Andrea, Papertrey Ink and Studio Calico DT):  I admire Andrea's style so much! From the mix of products she uses to her layering skills, Andrea's creative projects always amaze me. She adds such unique details to her work, and there is always something surprising to find while scouring the photos of one of her projects. I also love the photos she takes of them and how they are staged! The mix of patterns, color and dimension just pulls you right in and begs you to want to see more. Her style is very soft and welcoming. We are very lucky to have Andrea on our creative team at Pink Paislee!

DYANE(Owner of Precious Remembrance Shop, Andrea is on the DT): I'm a big fan of Andrea! ^_^ I'm so inspired in every projects that she does, that's why I'm sooo glad that she's part of Precious Remembrance Shop team. With her creations, there's just no limit! She use every piece of crafts that she can find and it's so amazing and precious! Colors, patterns, just every detail of her projects are one of a kind, and how wonderful is that to be able to share it to everyone. She stands out because her creativity shines like a star all the time!^_^

Think you want to join this genre? 

  • Get in Touch With Your Feminine Side. Andrea is a girly girl designer. She is all about the pretty. 
  • Become One with Nature. Most all her cards have nature elements: flowers, butterflies, birds. They work together to create a symphony of beauty.
  • Pack it On: there is so many pretty little things happening in each card. The buttons, pins, distressed papers, pearls in every nook  and cranny is a sweet something keeping the eye moving, the heart melting and the mind interested. 

How many hours do you craft a week? 

Oh boy.  About fifteen maybe. It used to be more, but realized that just a couple of hours a day is just enough. Need time for myself and my boys.

If someone wanted to design like you, what would they need?  

I say use what you have and be creative.  If you don't die cut, find ways to create your embellishments using stickers, chipboard, journal tags or freehand cut them yourself.  If you like the look of stitching, but don't have a sewing machine, break out the needle and thread.  It is using a product in as many different ways as you can think up.  Once you get started the ideas will come, believe me. 

Here is a screen shot of Andrea's work on Pinterest. It speaks volumes as to why she is a perfect candidate for DD. Her aesthetic vision is so clear and oh SO gorgeous!

What was your last crafty purchase?  
American Crafts foam adhesive.  I never can have too much.

Do you have a crafting formula? that is, how do you come up with your designs? is it based on color first? an embellishment first? do you use sketches?  

Ideas seem to randomly pop in my head. Like the other day I thought of a little movement card.  I jot it down in my notebook and go from there.  If it is just for fun, I pull out my scrap bin of paper and pick out colors that call to me.

How do you take photos? Do you edit them? 
There is a corner of my craft space with a window that gets sun most of the day.  With a white curtain that hangs from above, I use the top of my storage drawers with this draped over (creating a box around the project to keep the light consistent).  I then have an extra thick white curtain to place under my projects. My mother found a few vintage doilies for me over the years and use them for staging (along with a few other baskets).  Using just my close-up option on my 6.1 mp camera (it is old and reliable) and photo editing software, I crop and lighten the photos.  

If I had to pick a song that represented Andrea to ME, it would be this one:

Thank you Andrea for taking the time to answer the questions and giving me full access to your blog Creative Paper Trail.

Next Diagnosis coming February 15th (friday, because the Paper Crafts Gallery Idol Girls will be having a special blog hop post Feb 14th)!


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