Monday, October 15, 2012

Embellish Challenge, I've Missed You So

So it has been a while since I made a card for one of my favorite challenges. I kind of feel like Embellish Challenges give me just enough guideline to make a cool project but not so much that I feel restricted.

This time it was about using paint. I used a grey sample of Benjamin Moore paint for the image and then built around that. Had to put it on a plate because it kept falling down!

this is also going to A Blog Named Hero because I love CAS and HERO ARTS!

So on a side note, I have been watching Project Runway and somehow Tim Gunn's words just stay with me, especially when it comes to this blog. I feel like I need to decide who I am as a designer. The best designers know what their perspective is, their "vision"and I, well I am experimenting. I know what I like, but I don't seem to translate it into a clear design aesthetic. If I went to Bryant Park, would my collection (of cards) be cohesive? would you know it was MY work? I am not sure you would. So I have been wrestling with that lately.

If you could narrow down your aesthetic to a single sentence, what would it be? Because I am always ANALYZING, such is my nature, here are some of my favorite card makers who have a clear vision, IMHO.

Jennifer Rzasa: futuristic CAS.
Laura Bassen: feminine Rainbow CAS
Mariana Grigsby: a perfect balance of complicated and simple with perfect color choices
Laurie Willson: universally Appealing
Debby Hughes: grey ultra-Crisp CAS
Cristina Kowalczyk: Pinterestably certified Everytime
Angeline Yong: elegant CAS
Iwona Palamountain: can do any style any technique awesomely.
Aga: BOLD feminine CAS
JJ Bolton: DIE magic
Ashley C Newell: Embellished Expert
Claudia Shadler: patterned paper chaos Perfection

I have analyzed many more bloggers that I love (the entire Runway Inspired Challenge Blog, the entire Embellish Challenge Blog, the entire CASE study blog, the entire Casual Friday Challenge Blog, and the ENTIRE PTI design team), but I won't bore you. I discover new people everytime I blog browse. WE are a talented bunch indeed!



  1. It's funny you should bring up this topic. I have been pondering my style for a while now. I'm CAS but nothing unique. Maybe lazy CAS would be the way to describe me.
    I like the use of paint for the stamping on your pretty card. And I love the sentiment.

  2. This card is GORGEOUS Wida! I am blown away by the grey background with the white flowers and the rhinestone accents. It goes perfectly with the kraft base, although I wouldn't think to put grey with kraft, it looks amazing! Love the pop of green with the sentiment! It's a winner IMO :)

    I think I need to start watching Project Runway. I love reading your take on other designers.

  3. This is beautiful! Love the gray.
    I struggle to define my own design style so I would have to rely on others to let me know what they see...if I even have a consistent "look"! lol

  4. haha, love your list! i think we all go through this struggle at some point in our designing journey. i hope you find your way soon! :)

  5. Beautiful Wida! the grey and kraft combo.

  6. First off I love this card, the color, and the paint stamps so cool! Great card Wida! And can you analyze me because I have no idea!

  7. Great Card!!! I have been struggling with the same thing as of late. I too have thought about what Tim Gunn says a lot...I don't think I have found who I am as a designer yet. I think I am still evolving. I need to find my design aesthetic too. Thanks so much for playing along with us at A Blog Named Hero! =)

  8. Love how you used black and gray with a floral theme, very unexpected! And enjoyed reading about your struggle to find who you are as a designer. I think about that a lot too, and have not found an answer for myself yet. But I think that's OK. Enjoy the journey, right?!? I like coming to your blog because you try different things (not everyone can do that well) and I don't know what to expect. At the same time it's neat to see projects from other designers with a specific style who try different things within their style. It was fun reading your "style assessments" ... for the designers I know you are right on! Great post, Wida.

  9. I'm with Kelly, I admire all your styles! I know what you mean about having your own 'signature', but as long as you are having fun and keep on creating such gorgeous cards, then tat's a 'win/win'! I often have have ideas that I can't translate into a card, but you seem to do it with absolute ease. BTW congrats on the win at Runway Inspired - I just love what you did and will have to try to case it! I had a laugh at your 'style assessments' too!

  10. Great card Wida. Love the rustic feel of the uneven shadow stamp, and the colors are great too!
    By the way, liked reading what you had to say about being a designer. Honestly, I never thought about it myself, I just try to create whatever image pops in mind...which happens only at certain times, and if I am near my sketch book, I quickly sketch it out.
    But you have given me something to think about :) I think it is much easier to analyze other's work than your own. For example I can't think of any single theme describing my cards right now, but I can say that your cards usually have a soft and "unique" feel to them. I put quotes on unique because I like how you think and create outside the box.

  11. Beautiful card! I love everything about it! Design style?? I have no idea what mine would be, but you nailed all the ones you analyzed!! ;o)

  12. Oh you know I love grey and this is such a fabulous way to do grey! I'm honoured to be up there on your list of designers :) I went through the same process as yourself a while back. I found I was making cards according to others style and it was a bit of guidance from my sister to stick to the CAS style I love. CAS is what stops my Google Reader in it's tracks and sets my heart pumping. CAS was the style of cards I used to buy before I made my own. Once I made the decision to stick to my own way it was so refreshing to just make what I liked! I hope you find the answers to your questions as you are an outstanding designer and I can't wait to see more from you :)

  13. you know I like this card because it's CAS :) I like the grey and kraft combo, lovely! yes, CAS has always been my style! oh yeah, luv the rhinestones too!

    C :)

  14. Hey, this is really interesting Wida. Two comments. As Mr. Tim Holtz's stamp says - it's about the journey, not the destination. Right?
    And reading Debby's comment (love that girl's cards) I have one guideline (although not 100% consistently cuz sometimes I WANT to try other things). What would I buy if buying a card? For me it's those perfectly-designed-use-of-white-space cards. They evoke a "WOW" when I see them in my reader, not just a "oh, that's pretty". You're never gonna please all of the people all of the time, so stop tryin' :)

  15. Ok I am just now reading this! I hope that you find your style soon! I didn't know for years which style was mine and I think its more fun to change it up sometimes. If you don't find one, don't stress! Just sit down and make cards! :)

  16. Love that you used Benjamin Moore paint! Perfect for that distressed image stamp!

    As far as style is concerned, keep making what you like. Then once in a while, round up the ones you like the best and try to figure out what you liked about them. That may help you get to the root of your style:) As for me, I think probably 80% of the time my cards look like a card I would make. The other 20% of the time I'm either trying a new technique or style. Sometimes the end result is something I like. Sometimes it teaches me what I *don't* like. But in the end, it's just paper, right?



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