Wednesday, August 29, 2012


A while back I had a fun idea to start a card chain by CASEing cards, hence the name Case+idea=CASADIA. This little idea has gotten a lot of support from some fantastic bloggers. I want to update you on what has been happening, mostly entirely on Facebook. Facebook has been a wonderful source of fun and friendship for me!

so here is the chain so far...

It started with this show stopper by Laura Bassen. Laura's style is feminine, clean and simple, with a rainbow filled color palate. I could probably CASE all of her cards and people would think I was a design star, especially since my brain doesn't think that magnificently. She is honest with me and we have the best conversations about this little blogging world.

Then came Jennifer Rzasa. I call her style "futuristic CAS." Behind the scenes she has been present in every big blogging thing that has happened to me. She is my mentor, my go to, and supports me even if I said I wanted to start a blog about nose picking. She would say "GO FOR IT!"

Then came my card. I wrote if anyone wanted to join in, praying that some soul out there would not leave me hanging. SHIRLEY BEE to my rescue!

Shirley is a blog follower of mine. Sadly, I don't know how she found me but I am glad she did. She took me up on my challenge and didn't let me down both in task and in card. Here is her wonderful CASE of my card. Pretty sweet eh? How she used 2 stamps to match my font and changed it up with ultra black and neon green (right on trend like a good blogger should be).

Then came Amy Tsuruta. THE nicest lady in blogland. If she is your blog follower (lucky you) and you make a card, and you fear NO ONE will say ANYTHING about it...don't worry, Amy will find something great to say about it and save your post from falling apart. You get to feel like someone is looking at your stuff and liking it...isn't that what we ALL want? Talk about a change up, she made it fresh and fun. I loved how everyone was adding and subtracting elements.

Then there was Lorena. What a surprise! I recently became facebook friends with her and well so far, I have learned that she is a willing supporter of her fellow bloggers crazy ideas! She says to me, I am getting Christmas card vibes...check it out: AMAZING...

But those crafty ladies STILL didn't leave me hanging because just as soon as Lorena came on board, Ashley says I'll go next. Now probably they wouldn't have given me a kidney, but it's close with a pick up of a CASADIA. (I kid, I kid). So what does she do...a krafty change up that's what..

Before I knew it, Lalo came in with this beauty. Lalo is a Hawaiian beauty with so much enthusiasm and "light" that I get blinded by it. Her work is almost mixed media and her style is unexpected, which is why I love her so! She makes me feel like I am a superstar. Everyone needs a Lalo in their life. Especially when they can crank out this on short notice...

I thought it was over, but suddenly, Julie...sweet, sweet Julie says I will see what I can do. And look what she did: an Ultra CAS wonder. Now Julie has picked me up when my blog chips were down. We became buddies though Virginia Lu and facebook and I feel like we go way back. Like our friendship is how it's always been and it feels nice. 

Want to continue my CASADIA? just email me and let me know!

I hope you will. I love to see what you come up with and how far we can go with it!


  1. I had fun playing along in your Casadea chain Wida and I'm glad we are friends! You have a great sense of humor and you are super sweet and supportive. Everyone should have a Wida in their blog followers! I hope this chain keeps on going! I'm still voting for you for GD on Case Study!!!

  2. It's been great to see how this card chain has developed. How did I find your blog? Possibly looking through the Gallery Idol submissions, probably when I started to enter some of the many challenges in blogland. Why did I click follow? I like your cards, your posts, and your inventive vocabulary! I agree with Julie, everyone should have a Wida!

  3. Well aren't you a sweetly pie! Thanks for the nice words, Wida! The momentum of this casadia is amazing! I can't believe how the design evolves with each card. So neat to see.

  4. This was so much fun! When you read what people say about other people, you learn alot about the speaker - not just who they're talking about :0) I respected what I learned today! What a great idea - and the evolution of the card design was fantastic!

  5. This really is a fantastic idea, Wida! I'm getting a kick out of watching the design evolve as it passes through each designer. It's like the paper crafting world's take on the game "telephone."

    If I could guarantee a few minutes to spare in my craft room, I would totally take you up on the challenge. Maybe you'll do it again (and again) so I can join you!

  6. Love this post, Wida. Yes, it is like the telephone game. So fun to see what the next person comes up with.

  7. woot seeing the progression and off to Julie's blog!

  8. And d'you know who we have to thank for this fantastic idea? YOU! :D
    Oh Wida you are fabulous and funny - what a cool idea! Would love you join in the conga line on this concept...! :D

  9. You CLEVER CLEVER cookie, Wida! Not only the idea is awesome and darling, your design is superb!! I wish I had more time to join the challenge....well, let me work on the dirty laundry first!

  10. BTW I didn't know you got to know super sweet Julie through ME!! Yay, go me! LOL!

  11. This was so much fun, Wida! Thanks for letting me play along :)

    PS - complicating things up is a special talent of mine in all areas of my life, lol

  12. LOVE to join in if the Casadia card line is still going!!! All gorgeous cards :)


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