Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Get to Know Me in Photos

I have few photos of me as a baby. This one is from a passport. 

Here I am today. 36.

A wife to the first boy I ever loved. He called me exotic, when I had felt "foreign." It is amazing how powerful words can be.

A mother to the best 4 kids in the world. Their personalities and faces so much like my own. How miraculous genetics is.

A nurse practitioner. This role was is one that is the original me, before all of them came along, I was a nurse. Helping people with good intention and with heart. Intention is important.

A Crafter. This is how most of you know me. Sometimes its nice to share another side.

All these roles make me happy. What makes you happy?



  1. You were an adorable child with bright eyes! I love your post today (and your pic!!) It's good to reflect on who we are from time to time, just so we don't get lost in the craziness that can become of our lives! :)

  2. love this post...your hair is adorable! Tons of stuff makes me happy but nothing beats hearing my kids laugh and seeing them happy:)

  3. So pretty, Wida. Love your little passport shot. Your kids really do look exactly like you! They are very lucky. I have so ideas of what you are thinking in your self portrait. One of them is: "My kids stole my m&m's".

  4. Great post! Such a little cutie you are - both then and now! Life pretty much makes me happy - I'm a very lucky girl!

  5. Beautiful Wida.

    Thanks for sharing this post -- it's nice to get to know you. Belonging to this awesome crafty online world makes me happy. Being me makes me happy.

  6. It is really nice to get to know you, thanks for sharing :)
    You look so adorable in that passport photo! :)

  7. Hey there, pretty woman! I'm so jealous of those big eyes of yours... so lucky.


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