Monday, August 27, 2012

Paper Made Bakery August Collectioin

What a fun month for me in my introduction to Paper Made Bakery Kits. Here is the entire collection of cards I made in August.

I hope you enjoyed the collection and will join me again September 3 for the blog hop and start of another kit reveal!

I am going to leave you with a Halloween joke: WHY DIDN"T THE SKELETON DANCE? Because he didn't have noBODY to dance with! HAHAHA...

It's a one stop shop folks.


  1. So glad to see a review, I've been gone a lot and feel like I've been missing out! Wonderful cards, each one!

  2. These are so super fabulous! You are amazing!

  3. These are all gorgeous! I love the 2nd last one best...the folds/lifted corners are so creative. beautiful

  4. Whoah Inspiration Station! All your cards are beautiful Wida! I super love that stained glass butterfly :)

  5. These are all super wonderful...way to rock the Garden Art kit!


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