Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ben, Me, and the Tree

Growing up my parents didn't take many pictures of us kids. As first generation immigrants, they were just trying to build a life for us. When I had my kids, I wanted to capture every memory. My friend Kristen introduced me to scrapbooking and I was HOOKED! 8 years later, I am a few years behind in getting pages done...um, hard to do with 4 kids. As soon as I was almost caught up, I would get sick with pregnancy and get behind again! I try not to get anxious about it and just keep making pages when I can. Hopefully, in a few years, my schedule will open up and I will be able to scrapbook more. Those of you with older kids, don't laugh at me too hard. ;)

I worked on this page for many weeks. Get the picture. Leave. Get the paper. Leave. Play around with some embellishments. Leave. and Finally, last week, I put it all together. Do you ever look at your kids and wonder, who's nose is that? Oh, he totally looks like ___etc. This story is about the moment when I realized my son looks like ME! The tree represents the family tree...and the saying "the apple doesn't fall from the tree", except instead of apples, I used hearts.

Anyhoo, hope you like it!

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