Sunday, January 1, 2012


To my many followers (seriously, I only have 7!) Thank you for your loyalty and welcome to my first post. 2 out of 7 of you might be wondering, "why would she have named her new blog Beachorado?" Well, let me explain. We recently purchased a new home in Colorado and I was stumped on how to decorate it. Traditional, eclectic, or contemporary? I just couldn't seem to fit into any of the design styles that currently exist, so, as you might expect, I created my own!

Beachorado is a combination of texture, color, and rustic charm. It combines my love of the Coastal natural style with the rustic feel of rugged Colorado. In honor of the latest trend of combining words to create new ones, a new word was created thanks to my friend Marcy who helped me come up with my new design style "BEACHORADO."

Words such as Distressed, Weathered, Burlap, Linen, Turquoise in a sea of muted tones like Cream and Brown, Wood, Patina, Metal,  and Muslin...The essence of Beachorado! For those of you who are visual, I will include a photo.

Via Pinterest

Beachorado is the style I have chosen for my home and this blog will contain all things beachorado as well as so much more. So, come back and visit often, I hope you will enjoy the journey. Oh, and tell your friends about this blog, because 7 followers is just plain sad. :(

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  1. So lost in a sea of muted tones is no longer a euphemism for deafness? I certainly like the clean lines of the narrow slice of a home picture that you've posted.


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