Saturday, September 22, 2012

Time Away...

Over the weekend, I went on my biannual girls scrapbooking retreat with my 3 favorite people. We met  through Marcy (the pretty lady sitting next to me). I met Marcy while volunteering for my daughter's kindergarten class and all have been friends ever since.

We shopped, we ate, we cried, we laughed and we remembered why we are such good friends.

We each have a style and are known for specific things. That's what makes "us" work. They are known for much nicer things than me, but I am honest so here it goes.

(our group photo at a Mexican restaurant in Colorado Springs, Colorado)

1. Me-not willing to share unless I have it in bulk, bossy. (see? not very flattering is it). I am working on the sharing part. (9 years later I realize you can't use everything you buy...and there is ALWAYS more to buy!) I don't think I made the most wonderful first impressions, but these ladies love me anyway! HA!

2. Angela-has everything scrappy you can imagine. We jokingly call her house "Angela's store", I bet she could give Archivers a run for their money! If you ask her for green paper, her usual reply is "mint green? moss green? or chartreuse? She is smart, soft spoken, and lately has more muscle from her work outs than the rest of us put together. She is the exotic beauty directly in front of Marcy.

3. Caryn-giving to a fault, caring, and the queen of metal embellishments. Her personal style is very zen but with lots of pretty silver jewelry. She has a cool vibe. She will be there for you anytime. She is the blond with the sassy haircut next to Angela.

4. Marcy-funny, I call her a professional parent, helpful, and always says just the right things. She can walk in to your house and know exactly what needs done without you asking. My children adore her as do I. She is the one causing a shadow on my face in the pic because her inner glow is that bright. ;)

We didn't get many pages done, but I was able to close the gap on some key moments...

Here are a few of my favorite layouts.

You will find, through time, that I morph. That is, just like my craft style can change, so does my personal style. I have been red headed, brown headed, and now, back to black. My hair has been long, bobbed, with bangs and layered. I won't even mention my weight! It is fun to not look the same way 2 years in a row!

See ya later,



  1. awesome all your sharing {you do too share!}...fab layouts.

  2. Okay, this post made me tear up a little (yes, I am a hot mess, lol!) Love the description of your friends and your layouts filled with love and family! Thanks for sharing this with us:) Hugs!!

  3. What a fun retreat, Wida! Loved "meeting" your friends and your layouts are awesome! Love the impulsive one!

  4. Love these layouts! So glad you had such a good time catching up with friends and getting your craft on!

  5. Great layouts Wida!! Sounds like you have some pretty amazing friends - and they all like to scrap - that's awesome!


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