Sunday, September 23, 2012

Good Things

Just showing you my sneak peak for Paper Made Bakery...

Using Washi tape to create TV static. 

I used the September Kit. 

Want to see all of it? Click Here:

I leave you today with a story, because I gotta leave you with something! Here it is:

One day a woman was sitting on a bench crying, sad over the fact that she didn't have new shoes. Her shoes were old, she had them a long time and could not afford a new pair. It seemed that everyone she knew was getting new shoes and wanted a new pair too. As she was crying she looked up to see a woman in a wheelchair going by. At that moment, she thanked God for her feet and her ability to her old shoes.

The lesson: A lot of things have been going wrong in my beloved home. I became frustrated at the cost and inconvenience. After much soul searching, I realized I am thankful I have a home to have things go wrong in.



  1. Wida, so creative to use that chevron washi for static! And I love the story you shared. So true, so true! Off to see the rest of your card.

  2. I like your attitude adjustment! Gratitude make life better.

    You're looking for your style? You have more style than you can put into a category! What ever you may call it, it's good, VERY good. : )
    Who else would have thought of using washi tape for TV static? You crack me up!
    Have a great week.

    p.s. I am enjoying making tags and packaging for a "Cupcake Boutique". I'll post some of the goodies soon. See ya!

  3. AMEN!!! Well said. BTW, you made me smile with your "trapped on an island" decor comment. ;) I am originally from HI, so maybe that was what inspired me~ lol

  4. Great use of washi! I still don't know what to do with that stuff!

    Sorry to hear about all the trials with your house! Sometimes you just gotta let it go, right? Hugs!!


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