Thursday, March 15, 2012

Embellish Spring Color Challenge

tap. tap. tap.


Feels like lately no one is interested in cards made by yours truly. But the show must go on even when all you hear in the audience is crickets!

I am entering a challenge with some high rollin' bloggers. The entries and design team are really really phenomenal. I have absolutely no chance of winning and I TOTALLY accept that. I just wanted a chance to play with them.

A spring card for your viewing pleasure...all 3 of you. and probably one of you is sick with the flu which seems to be picking up momentum lately at work. so that leaves 2 of you. thanks for stopping by. hehe...

Sometimes I just crack myself up!!

 Supplies: Hero Arts (like the whole stamp set!)

Embellish Magazine's inspiration:

My 2 year old daughter, Anya, says this card is "lovely" it's a winner to me!

Stay healthy,



  1. You are too funny! Anya's got it right, it'a pretty darn lovely! Hey, is there any way you can turn off your word verification to your comments? I can't make out the stinkin' letters to save my life!

  2. This is as cute as can be Wida! Love that sweet little bunny and your egg garland!!

  3. Funny... don't you sometimes feel like you're just talking to yourself out there in blog land?

  4. I agree with your daughter, lovely cute card, especially the egg garland. Great idea!

  5. you crack me up & the card is absolutely adorable!!


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