Sunday, September 9, 2012

Love is...

This month's Paper Made Bakery Kit theme is old school. I am old and I went to school, so I am totally qualified to speak about this kit. 

"it makes the grade"

I channeled a little Sarah Martina Parker and made this...

want to see the entire card? Click HERE.

Keeping it short because I am that too. So to sum it up, I am

1. old
2. educated
3. short

good thing my husband scooped me up when he did!



  1. Wida, you're a hoot! Love your post and your card, too!

  2. too funny! gotta go check out your inner Sarah Martina Parker!

  3. Wida, you have me cracking up, girl! Off to check out your fabulous creation!

  4. I popped over and checked out your card, it's BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the window cut out with the sentiment inside and all the bling!!! Fun card!!!

    BTW, I'm old, educated and short too - LOL!


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