Thursday, January 5, 2012

Knock Knock....

When we were in the process of buying our house, I would drive up the street and see my neighbors house whose front door was gorgeous. One day I will post a picture of it. She has beautiful chartreuse planters on either side of her door and always the most original wreaths as well as vinyl lettering on the door welcoming you in. When I saw it, I knew I had to spruce up my door. But I didn't want to copy her look (yes I did). So I went on the hunt to find my Beachorado look when I found this blog: 

and this door:

In it she shows you exactly how to create this masterpiece, including using Sherwin Williams Nifty Turquoise. So I had my keys in hand and was almost ready to buy the paint when my friend Hope brought me to reality with 3 dreadful words...HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION.


Now what? Well, I had to change gears a bit and decided to choose a more subdued color, but still do the magical glaze technique she showed on her blog. This is what I came up with.

Literally, this is me looking up at my door! I'm so short!

The color for the base is Benjamin Moore's Heather Gray and the glaze mixed with paint that is one shade darker called Sharkskin. It takes a few days to do because you have to wait for the first coat to dry and then apply the second/glazed coat. I used a cheap foam roller brush to apply the first coat because it is easier to get in the grooves of the door. You don't have to be perfect, just get a good even coat on. Any flaws get covered up when you apply the glazed coat. For that, i used an even cheaper foam brush and also a regular bristle brush. I used the foam brush to get in the crevices and then the dry bristle brush to smooth out the areas that I applied glaze and the areas that I didn't. You can apply more glaze and leave it on for a more distressed look or apply it only in the crevices of the door for a suble look. I used a clean barely damp rag to wipe off the glaze if I got heavy handed.


I thought it would give me the POP of color I was looking for, but it actually blends into the house. Sadly, I think I will repaint it in the summer and try the chartruese color or even the turquoise! Maybe the HOA won't notice??

Below are the doors before and after. I still need to decorate the exterior, but since I plan on repainting it, I am holding off on bying anything for now. I did get the mulburry wreath for the winter which was a great find at Hobby Lobby along with the iron wreath hanger. It was a steal for only $2.50! 


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! The wreath is fantastic with the color of the door... If the HOA won't allow turquoise (my fave as well) then maybe you could paint it on your other doors that aren't facing the street... Plus, it will take them longer to notice!! :)Love the Blog, Wida!!

  2. Good idea! Stinkin' HOA! And thanks for your support, I am glad you like it!!

  3. Your photography skills are getting better and better! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your profile pic on facebook...Beautiful.

    Congrats on your new blog. I love the new name too!

  4. Like the new door color. Better suited for your house for sure and love the pop of color with the berry wreath! Congrats on the new blog. Keep up the good job!


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