Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I am ALSO on the A Blog Named Hero Blog

I am sharing a cherished Christmas memory today on A Blog Named Hero! There is a Hero Arts gift card up for grabs if you would like to leave a comment on my fabulous card!!! Hehe...

I don't know why it is that I have NOTHING going on on the ol' blog and then when I do, it's 2 posts on one day. WHY does that always happen? Then all that work will not gets its full ability to shine :(



  1. Very touching story Wida. So curious to know what the gift was...huggable or edible?

  2. Sending a big hug... love your card, your story, but most of all - your heart.
    =] Michele

  3. Went to ABNH, gazed at and admired your gorgeous card, felt my eyes fill with tears at your heart-warming, touching story and have come back to say THANK YOU for sharing the gift of your memory and the beauty of your creativity with us. You are a gem!

  4. Love your card, your story and you. Miss ya bunches!

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