Monday, September 15, 2014

Get to know ME!

Well, I bet you have seen this type of post ALL over is my go at it:

I was tagged by the following lovely ladies to do this wonderful creative blog hop which basically is a way to get to know me and other bloggers:

Tammy Hershberger I met Tammy when we moved to Ohio. Kim Singdahlsen through the powers of the internet. I came to a blogging get together with some local ladies including Lin Brandyberry, Kelly Latevola, Katie Gehring and Kristin Macintyre who is the daughter of a professor I knew while working and attending the University of Akron! Small world! She is funny and honest, I enjoyed the instant friendship she was willing to offer a lady she didn't know well :)

Elena Roussakis Oh my dear Elena, how I adore you! I think we could listen to the same radio station, eat the same foods, laugh at the same jokes and appreciate the same art and yet our designs are not very similar. She has a way to make cute expensive. You can check out my Diagnosis Design of her HERE.

Jocelyn Olson I could spend hours talking to her about my life, my blog, my cards, my journey and she says what a therapist would. She is good for my soul. Her aesthetic has evolved to something I have never seen anyone do as well, layered, lovely, feminine and still a bit edgy.

Kelly Latevola   I had an instant connection with this girl. Known to me by her vibrant floral CAS cards with expert coloring, Kelly is a Hero Arts fan just like me!

What creative projects are you currently working on?

I am working on trying to make this Hero Arts card more interesting. Here is the original card. The butterfly is one "ordered" up from Kelly during our blog get together. She was making a bunch of them for a card, and I asked her to make me one! I embossed the SUBWAY LETTERS stencil (did you know you could do that?) to create the background and then created the aperture with a circle die. A fancy knot was my "something edgy" and then it was finished...I showed it to the ladies and they nodded at it but they didn't respond to it the way they did to Kelly's card.


I was disappointed.

So I left it on the shelf. And weeks later, I took it down and tried again.


This seemed more Wida-ish. I was happier with the result. The frame is from Crate Paper!

What inspires your designs?

The need to create original designs that are modern and fresh. When I finish something, I have to have a sense of satisfaction and if I don't, I will obsess until I get it right (see above story for example) . PINTEREST is always at the forefront of my inspiration. I enjoy seeing what people are making/pinning and seeing beautiful color combinations found in flowers, posters, and so on.

What method / process (if applicable) do you apply to each of your creative projects, and how long does each project take to complete?

It can take me all afternoon for 1 or 2 cards. I AM SLOW. I fuss. I will move things around, change color, add or subtract elements. Take photos of what I am making with my phone to be sure the placement is right until I get it right. It is almost painful at times. But the result, if I can get it right (in my mind and heart), is exhilarating!

If you had to describe your 'signature' style, what would it be?

Fresh and edgy with paper. My style is not for everyone, I alternate between more fresh and edge CAS, and more Fresh with paper and layered. and sometimes I am edgy CAS, it varies depending on my mood, who I feel recently inspired by, the products I use and the intention of the piece.

What three crafting tools/products can you not live without?
  • Cuddlebug. HELLO! you can't die cut without it!
  • Paper--> I love Crate Paper.
  • Pop Ups. Gives dimension and helps us compete with Hallmark!

I am tagging:

1. Cristina Kowalczyk Innovative, at the forefront of design, someone whose posts I look forward to seeing. I loved her book.

2. Laura Bassen This girl can sell a product with the most minimal of supplies. AND she does it every.single.time. She was one of my first blog friends and I value to relationship so much  :)

3. Danielle Flanders In my dreams, I make cards like she does. I met her in Colorado where I was living and she moved to. Tenia Nelson introduced us and we were instantly friends. She helped me make my mother in laws Christmas cards. I couldn't believe it!

Look for their posts on September 22nd!


  1. Loved reading about you more, Wida!!! You totally, ROCK! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my dear sweet wonderful crazy Wida! You are such an inspiration and it doesn't hurt that your freakin hysterical :) Your second card is definitely more you and I'm honored you found a place for my little butterfly on it :)

  3. I love your style. And love hearing about what you think of it in your own words. You are not the only fussy one out there, fuss makes it better!

  4. I loved the post! I love the cards (*both* of them)! The second one is definitely Beachorado. :) Whatever the pain, it's worth it because you make gorgeous cards. Thanks for the kind words, my friend!

  5. Loved reading about u, ur card are so classic and elegant :)

  6. That was a lovely interview you did of yourself, Wild Wida, with your ECAS cards as in all edgy and so YOU! You really BIRTH a card, you know what I mean? And those of us who get you really appreciate the integrity that comes from that!! And besides, you rub elbows with other card artist ROYALTY, which is coolness squared!! Hugs, Darnell

  7. Well, I liked the first card too, but you knocked it outta' the park with the new version! Fantastic design!

    And thanks for the kind words... you made me see myself in a new (better) light! I'm so glad to know you, Wida!

  8. <33333333

    You are amazing.

    And of all the steps... you have troubles with step #5..... let's do a mini colouring retreat together :D

  9. Great post, Wida -- so fun to get to know you a little better! I love your style and love both cards you showed here. (I'm all intrigued by how you embossed with the stencil, by the way....)

  10. Wida, I'm so far behind in commenting, it's ridiculous already! My, the cycling gigs, DTs...and an overall lack of organization! Here to do some catching up...your post is pure delight to read, infused with those signature touches we've come to know and love in your card: edgy, fresh and original. I suspect you 'fussed' until it reached this point of perfection, and the result is well worth it! So enjoyable to learn more about you. Your first card, from my perspective, so pretty; the second certainly does amp it up to stunning. Both do send me the butterflies!


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