Sunday, March 31, 2013

Give and Take Winner and My Trip

Hi Everybody!

We got back from our trip and you will be happy to know I feel a bit more sorted out. So much so I got my craft room rearranged and organized too! Pictures to come in a future post.

Thank you for everyone's comments. Blogging is a journey and a learning experience and I really appreciate your sharing your knowledge with me. It helped me understand the WHY a bit more. And how much I need to look at who is visiting instead of who is leaving. That is hard for me and I seem to need reminded often. For the background story on this statement click HERE. So, without further ado, the winner of my prize is...

i very seldom unsubscribe from a blog. the several times I have done so I think because the blog turned out to be more advertising than i assumed it would be when i originally signed up. Good luck to you and belated birthday greetings!
linda patti
Linda, I will be emailing you to claim your prize. Oh and I finally took a picture of it :)

  • I didn't gain any weight! It was HARD because vacation means vacation from everything usually, but I worked too hard to lose focus on my goals. HA! Uh, didn't lose any either though. Oh well, here is to maintaining! 
  • Lots of sights...Here are some highlights:
Hiking at the base of a volcano.

the Grand Canyon

A Pueblo

My family at the Pueblo :) 

I was so impressed by the views of our hotel rooms. Here is one, truly felt serene and vacation-y. And sitting on the balcony looking like the angel she is...

Arizona felt like a different planet. Every time I looked the landscape changed. What a cool state! The static was awful for my hair DRY there. 

This boy turned 7 today. Ben, my only son, my sweet and gentle boy. 

and he can be a bit of a he is giving me bunny ears.

Thank you :) 


  1. Looks like an amazing trip. Your family is too darn cute!

  2. Awww looks like a great trip. My Mom lives in Arizona. It's beautiful there. Really HOT and beautiful!

  3. love seeing pics of your family! Your kids are so beautiful :) and yay for not gaining weight on vacation - you're my hero! I always pack it in when I go away ;)

  4. So glad to hear your vacay renewed and refreshed. We all need to do this every once in a while! Gorgeous family...amazing that they are smiling and looking at the camera...definitely a photo keeper!

  5. Love your pics! Happy bday Ben! He's so cute!

  6. Great pictures, and that family shot is the best! Looks like you had a good vacation, will be looking forward to your craft room pictures!

  7. Your holiday looks like it was fantastic, Wida! Another trip to add to my wishlist. ;-) Happy Birthday, Ben! (And YAY to maintaining your weight on holiday, that's awesome!)

  8. Such sweet pictures! Great scenery shots too! Sounds like you all had a great vacation and some needed rest:)

    Happy birthday to your sweet boy!

  9. The pic of you and your family is gorgeous! Did you go back through Durango by chance? It's very close to the 4 Corners and very's also where I grew up :) Glad to feel you got the desired rest and uncluttering of the mind! Happy bday to Ben, and great job maintaining while on vacation!!

  10. Love the photos Wida! I'm so glad that you had a great vacation. And wow...maintaining while on vacation. Yay!!!

  11. Welcome home! I'm glad you had a great time and you feel refreshed, and high five on maintaining! That's almost impossible to do.

    Happy belated birthday to Ben! Thank you for sharing all the fantastic photos. The family photo is perfection, Wida! People would pay HUGE bucks to have a photo like that!! You are so blessed!

    Can't wait to see the photos of your craft room redo!

  12. Fun times! I love the gorgeous photos. I've been wanting to go the Grand Canyon myself. :)

  13. Awesome family vacation photo! What makes the post more amazing is your sweet family! Happy belated birthday to your 7-year old sweet and gentle Ben (my son's middle name!!) .Thanks for sharing, Wida!

  14. It looks like you had a wonderful time!!! I can't wait for your posts :D Don't worry too much about your subscriptions because this hobby should be fun for you, not cause you stress!

  15. Gorgeous Photo's and such a sweet family photo!
    Happy to hear the comments on the previous blog post helped....
    I think it is a pisces B-day is on the 7th of March..(only I turned 51)..the feeling insecure about things and always asking myself why people react the way they do..I am always thinking and trying to understand that...I felt that with you too.
    Wida you have such a great fantastic blog and super sweet family..enjoy.
    HUGS Holly.

  16. Welcome hommmmmme!! Nice to see you again! Thanks for sharing your vacay pics. Love the family shot!

  17. We've been to the Grand Canyon, but have never done the Pueblo thing. It's on our list. Such a wonderful photo of your family together!! I went back to read your post on losing subscribers. So interesting to read the comments you got. Great topic! And so many *detailed* responses. Which should serve to illustrate that QUALITY is so much better than QUANTITY. The quality of your readers is insane, my friend : )

  18. Happy to hear that you were able to get away, and that your trip went well. What beautiful photos! Our daugher hiked from one rim to the other in October 2012, and loved the experience. It was an overnight trip, so they camped out at one end, and hiked back the next day. Your family is incredibly beautifully, starting with you! Keep your chin up about your blog - those who matter will find their way here! I think in July, when the Google Reader issue takes effect, we will all be looking for followers! I've even been thinking of giving up the blog.... Anyway, happy to see YOU so happy! Hugs...

  19. Thanks for sharing the vacation pics - places I would love to visit! You have a beautiful family - and I can see and read how much you know you are blessed!


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