Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Guest Blogger: Sophia

For those of you who know me more for my cards than my kids, I have 4...that is NOT a typo. My oldest, Sophia, likes to make cards with me. Actually, they all do. But today is a special day...she is GUEST blogging here on Beachorado. 

Pretty sweet to get a guest blog spot so early in her career, eh? ;)

She made this card using her own colors, design and stamp choices. Not bad for an 8 year old! I am proud. My photo does not do it justice. I enjoy creating with them and seeing their faces light up when I praise their work.

CHAPTER 4 (of the Blog Handbook)---Blog Etiquette

Now, I got many emails, comments, and Facebook messages on my last post about Blog Etiquette. Truly, I thought I was the only one who didn't know about these things, as I didn't know about word verification among other things!

Basically, I have found that there is a general guideline to blogging. Now these are not hard and fast rules, but for the most part is to be followed by the masses. Certainly, you don't have to follow them and some don't because the higher up the blog chain you get, the rules change. I am probably going to get a bunch of emails about that sentence too!

Here are some that I have learned:

1. Be nice
2. Comment back when you can, especially if it is a new follower
3. Don't copy
4. Give credit



  1. Please let your daughter know that her card is gorgeous! I love her bright colors and the placement of those beautifully rolled flowers!

  2. This is gorgeous!! Sophia is super talented....just let her know that she makes way better rolled roses than me ;)

  3. Man, people seem to think that they can say whatever they want online...I don`t see why someone`s been critical of you, but I hope that you don`t take it too much to heart.
    Sophia`s a very talented girl - at age 8, that`s simply stunning! I love her colour choices, and that she loves to create with you :)

  4. awesome guest blogger and wooooo hoooo...gorgeous card! Hmmm...gotta go find your last blog etiquette post.

  5. Sophia, this is a beautiful card! Well done! I look forward to seeing more of your cards. :-)

    Wida, you follow those rules so beautifully! You're always nice! And you certainly give credit (not copying)! Being nice is one of those lovely things about this blog community, and I hope no-one has been less-than-nice to you.

  6. Dear Sophia,
    Congrats on your guest-design spot....I just adore your card! You made some bold choices with color, and I love that. The flowers are also stunning. I'm curious...what happens when you pull the tab? Tell mommy that she should have filled us in on that detail! :)

  7. very pretty...I love your rolled flowers...great colors and just a fun card...congrats on your guest blogger spot...woohooo

  8. Well, her style seems to be influenced by a fabulous crafter! I wonder who that could be? LOL! Very pretty card! Beautifully made!

  9. Lovely! creative she is at 8 ...great job Sophia!

  10. WOW!!Your "Apple" is very close to the "Tree!!" :) So, so pretty Little Lady!! Congratulations on such fabulous work! You are a natural!

  11. Wow!! Your "Apple" is very close to the "Tree!!" :) So, so pretty Little Lady!! Congratulations on such fabulous work! You are a natural!

  12. Hi Wida wow you should be proud she did a fabulous job! :> LOVE IT! Read that to her! :> And I love your blog etiquette and I have had follow up from big blog people sometimes I think that they don't have the time to respond too busy crafting with big deadlines hanging around there necks! :>

  13. Sophia is a Card Artist! Her card is absolutely GORGEOUS! This girl has some TALENT!!! I LOVE those pretty flowers and beautiful colors!

  14. Sophia - Awesome job!! i really wanted to pull the tab! Can't wait to see more.

  15. Beautiful card by Sophia! I wonder what she will make next! Great rules of the card blog etiquette ;)

  16. Sophia here

    Some people wanted to know what would happen if you pulled the tab

    Here's what it says A BIRTHDAY AS SPECIAL AS YOU ARE

  17. Well Sophia I think your card is sooo pretty and I especially love the rolled roses (I'm impressed you got yours to stay rolled up!) Thanks for letting us know what it says under the tab :0)
    Jenny x


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