Friday, February 10, 2012


1. I am a NIKON girl. 
2. My children are my favorite subjects.  

I have a D70 that is about 8 years old. It came with a standard lens. The photos that I have taken in the past were good (so I thought). Then I took a photography class by Maggie Holmes that was worth every penny! She said that investing in new lenses was worth it. So, after saving for many months, I finally got a prime lens 50mm f1.8.

Oh My! what a difference a lens can make. Take a look at the snapshots I took of my daughter Anya. This is without any editing. HELLO! the color, sharpness and bokah are ridiculous! I don't know what that little fuzz is on her hair on the first photo and I really wish it wasn't there, but other than that, it's going in the scrapbook. stay tuned for that page...


  1. Gorgeous photos! I don't know much about lenses, but you are making me want to buy a new one for my camera too! I asked for one for Christmas, but sadly did not get it :( Thanks for sharing these sweet pics

  2. Great pics! I think I have that same lens (got it for Christmas) and I do love it! Great for the stuff I take pics of:) Fun stuff!


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