Friday, December 26, 2014

And THEN There Are the Thank You's

Hi! I hope everybody had a good holiday. I am sitting on the floor between my girls beds waiting for them to go to sleep and making good use of time by typing up this post. See the baths are done, teeth brushed, book read (short story about the boy who cried wolf) and now I have to wait for my 2 youngest girls to go to bed and then sneak off. Sometimes I end up falling asleep myself, sometimes they go to bed fast enough I can leave with enough energy to craft a bit or watch a program. Honestly, the days go by so fast, there doesn't seem to be much left over for me. In Colorado, I was able to stay up till 11 or midnight, but seems like I am getting more tired in my old age ;)

In any event, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. After getting those fabulous gifts, it's time to send out the thank you's! I am on the Hero Arts blog today showing off a thank you card using ink daubers. It was fun to experiment. I hope you will check it out during your "me" time...

I hope you will check out HERO ARTS blog to see what I did with it!


  1. I did check out the Hero Arts Blog, and I love what you did with it! As my girls get older, they go to bed later (despite my pleading) and more often than not I just hop into bed myself once they're in bed, without doing anything else... sometimes I am in bed before my eldest and she gets very put out that I won't get out of bed to tuck her in - there's a lesson there for her, I think, lol!

  2. I am very inspired by this great technique, Wida - and will be putting it to use.

    Thank you :-)

  3. I'm headed on over! ;) And you and me both!...I've been nothing but tired lately. I can't seem to figure it quite out. Though, I was getting over a cold or something and now it's back! So I'm thinking that, with Christmas just being done and all that cooking/baking, it's just caught up to me! ;) Hopefully, age has nothing to do with it...otherwise, I'm gonna be in trouble! lol And I will say, however old you may're beautiful! <3

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