Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Thanks for all the encouraging words out there on my recent post about my blogging journey and good news on joining Crate Paper Inc. I was so encouraged to read that you have been there a time or two also and were soul searching and wanting to pursue your dreams as well. It's nice to know I am not alone :)

I am going to also leave you with this pin I found on makes me laugh.

HERE is the official announcement from Crate Paper.  And the winner of my Crate Paper Prize?

Mary Dawn!! I will be contacting you shortly!




  1. yahoo for MD!
    what a fun quote, made me chuckle.

  2. Congrats to our sweet Mary Dawn!!! And, Wida, I love your quote. Too much fun, and so true!

  3. That quote makes me laugh! Totally reminds me of work.

  4. Wida, your quote makes me laugh, and yes indeed, it's absolutely too true! Congrats to Mary Dawn. Thanks so much for visiting my site; day officially brightened!!

  5. Congratulations! What an exciting opportunity!

  6. Great quote! Sadly, I do not like peaches. Well, it's not that I don't like them, I just can't stand the fuzz on them. Luckily there are nectarines for the fuzz challenged, such as myself!

    Congrats on Crate Paper.


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