Friday, November 23, 2012


Today I am talking Challenges.

Challenge 1: Case Study featuring Angeline Yong:
It is another Angeline beauty to case at Case Study Challenge and I am excited to show you my card.

The original is a show stopper, and you must check out the blog, because Angeline cased herself and I think I love the new card even better than the original!

Challenge 2: Paper Smooches Sparks Challenge
The other challenge I am entering my card into is Paper Smooches Sparks Challenge. It's a color challenge this time.

Challenge 3: When you get dumped by a follower
There are a lot of ups and downs in blogging. I just was dealt a new situation and I thought it was a perfect time to discuss Chapter 10 of the blogging handbook...when a follower unfollows you! This just happened to me and well I am kind of really sad and confused. I went into analysis mode and tried to think of all the reasons why a person would unfollow someone.

1. They came in for a prize and when the prize was over, so was their blog following
2. The blogger posts a lot. I don't know why that is such a bad thing. I don't follow a ton of blogs but even if I did, going through the blog reader doesn't take that much time
3. You work got poorer.

that's all I could think of. I don't get it at all. Help this rookie understand.

I kinda measured my self worth on the followers. It's sad but true. How else are you supposed to measure your blog value?  Comments? Challenge wins? Design teams? Whether your husband likes it? Beats me. I just know that it made me over the moon happy to see a new follower and I have appreciated every single one. Every comment. Every friendship. I am thankful for you all who come by and check my little place out. So this felt like it was a relationship and I just got dumped via text. One part of me is saying "You are unfollowing me? ME?" and then the other part of me is saying, "Come back! I'll do better. Give me another chance!" It's such a mixed bag of emotions.

I'm just hurt.

I know I know, I got too attached. Rookie Mistake.



  1. Hi Wida

    I don't have a blog but can fully understand your feelings:-( Your card is absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Happy Friday! Your card is sweet and fresh...awesome colors.

    Realistically, who knows what prompts people to do what they do, right? You'll drive yourself crazy trying to figure that out...

    That being said/typed, here's the thing chickie...

    **you're awesome**

  3. Like the fun, funky flowers you chose! Happy card!
    I wouldn't read too much into someone unsuscribing. You can't please everyone and have to be true to you!

  4. Great colors Wida. DO NOT worry about it. You never know, but you craft for you and not the rest of us....just remember that!

  5. Beautiful card! I like the soft colors and your stamping is fabulous!
    Don't stress about the un-subscription, and I agree with Jill, you can't please everyone!

  6. As I mentioned on FB, don't worry about the numbers! You. Are. Awesome. Create, and they will come. And stay. Oh, and your card is pretty awesome, too! Love that PS set!

  7. Oh, Wida, don't let that pull ya down. They are going to miss out.... what a loss!! Love your sweet card today and how you circled out the sentiment. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  8. Hey Wida, don't let that bother you, it's their loss!
    and the card is lovely , would love to know more about the coral ink color..which company makes that ink pad?
    and thanks for your wishes on my DT gig, the encouragement means a lot to me!

  9. Gorgeous card, Wida. Don't over analyze it. Just enjoy your hobby!

  10. Wow. This is beautiful. Love your stamping. :)

    P/s: I've been through that lousy feeling when someone decides not to follow your blog. It can drive you crazy to overanalyze the situation. Just keep on honing your craft and you will grow your following. Not just another face on the followers widget, but an engaged reader who leaves you meaning comments.

  11. Such a pretty CASE of Angeline's card! I agree with everyone else. Don't let followers or unfollowers dictate your worth. Keep creating what makes your little Beachorado heart happy!

  12. I really love your take of the CASE~gorgeous work Wida!

  13. your take is amazing..I love the stamped background and that color combo is amazing... Awesome job..

    I have had a couple of those that have dropped me too and I wondered why. Trust me you are amazing.. I am here and I am following you.. Always happy to stop by..

    I looked for you to see if you followed me too and did not see you.. :( I hope you will stop by and hit that follow button...

  14. Gorgeous card, Wida! And you keep on creating your cards in your own wonderful style, I'll keep on following. ;-)

  15. LURVE this card and for that "ex-follower"......that person's loss.....for reals. Girl...YOU ROCK.....that is all.

  16. Of the top of my head, some potential reasons..
    1. They clicked the wrong button. (this is the most likely)
    2. They have too much on their plate and feel over whelmed so they are paring down some of the incoming things that they have control of.
    3. They might have gone from one life situation to another, I am a follower of a lot of blogs (yours is one of my favourites~!). I work from home tho, so its okies for me to spend as much time as I like reading emails etc. Maybe they got a job and are no longer able to follow at work, or don't have time, etc.
    4. They might not have time to devote to crafting or art (omg that would be awful!), and feel the need to pare back for other hobbies (OMG crazy!)

    Notice that not one of these (possible) reasons has anything to do with you. Your work and blog is and continues to be of superlative quality and interest. Basicly, no matter what.. the actions people take are about *them* not about you. Those are their choices. You are no less awe-inspiring and brilliant that you have and will always be.

    So, not about you, its about them and their current circumstances.. or.. most likely they just hit the wrong button!

    I just don't want you to think that you are not totally and utterly brilliant. Cause you are!

    I understand tho, that its hard when you put your inside self out there, when things like this happen, its hard to not take it personally. But I can guarantee you that you are appreciated, that you make peoples life brighter, and that I love that you share yourself with us so generously :)

    Thank you :) *hugs*

  17. ps. I forgot to tell you how much I loved your card LOL :) its lovely :) Thank you for sharing with us. I also love the window sill you photograph in, it has the most magnificent light !

  18. Wida, I have no idea why anyone would stop following you because your cards are so inspirational! I wouldn't let it bother you one bit!!! :)

    I LOVE your take on the challenge card! The way you framed your sentiment is wonderful!!!

  19. Love your cards Wida!
    About the lost follower...I know exactly what you mean. It's such a downer, isn't it? But it really doesn't reflect on your talent, at all. Yours is one of my favorite blogs. Not only are you an extremely talented crafter, you have a wonderful writing style. You make me feel like you're confiding in me. Like we would be friends in real life if we ever met. Not many bloggers make me feel like that. You have a gift Wida! Truly.

  20. It is super crappy to lose a follower! I'm sorry, but read all of these comments and know that we are all telling you the's not you, it's them! It's also their loss because not only do you share your wonderful creations (including the fabulous one above!) but you also share your self and your wonderings. It makes reading your posts much more fun than here's my card and this is what I used. KWIM? Like you're my buddy IRL. No need to worry your pretty little head about it! You're fabulous and so are your creations! :o)

  21. Love your card, Wida! As Jackie said, your cards are so inspirational! It can be disappointing to lose followers, but in the end, do what you love and try not to let the other stuff get to you. Hugs, sweet Wida, you are truly talented!

  22. Such a clever interpretation of her card! I love the soft overlapping colors and the bold sentiment.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  23. I don't take Donald Trumps' advice often...but this I like "It's nothing's just business!". Well, we all had people un-following our blogs from time to time. It may sting a bit, but perhaps this person just has too much on her/his plate and they may be personal reasons...(remember, it's nothing personal!). I don't dwell on the reasons, as long as I am happy with my blog and people are loving to visit, that's all matters! You did a lovely take on Angeline's card! GREAT job, Wida!

  24. I love this card! The window, the stamped layered colors, the bold sentiment... it's FAB!

    I know how you feel. Having blog followers gives you reason to keep putting posts out there. I really can't imagine anyone unfollowing your blog because they didn't like it - but I really love reading your posts and checking out your craftiness. Don't focus on the ONE - there are plenty of us that look forward to your posts ♥ There is a lot of good advise among the comments on this post!

  25. Your card is beautiful! Love the look of the randomly stamped leaves in the unexpected colors and how they frame the sentiment. Thanks for joining us for the Paper Smooches SPARKS challenge.

  26. aw, Wida, don't be down..I agree with all your reasons why people stop following my blog. I also know that many more are probably following on google reader and haven't even signed up to follow! LOVE your card and think I need that stamp set now. AND I'm following you know and will forever :) Thanks for playing with us again over on CASE Study :)

  27. SO pretty and I love the color combo! thanks for joining us at CASE Study!

    I try not to focus on the numbers too much when it comes to followers, I've lost 2 or 3 at the same time sometimes and I thought all the things you thought, including maybe I didn't blog enough and then I'd pick up some new followers when I hadn't posted anything for a few days! It's natural to have those doubting thoughts, you're human, just observe the thoughts and let them go! As long as you're happy with what you're posting, that's all that should matter. You don't need approval from anyone else. A lesson I'm still trying to learn! Oh and thanks for being so honest! : )

  28. OH MY! This is the MOST amazing card!! Great combo of challenges-- you nailed both! FAB FAB FAB!! I love your inks--they match the PSS colors perfectly! Great use of these colors! THANKS so much for joining in the fun and playing along with us over at the Paper Smooches SPARKS challenge! Hope you join in the fun this week!

  29. What a beautiful card, Wida! Love the color combo and the fun sentiment in the middle!
    I hear you about the's hard to not take it personal. I just look at it as that person is missing out on all the fabulousity you have to offer! Oh, and I just cancelled out the 'un-follower' by becoming a follower! ;)
    Thanks for playing along with us this week at CASE Study!

  30. Just saw this post... I'm guessing your kids aren't teenagers yet... don't take it personally chica. Analyze all you'd like, but don't take it personally.
    Nuff said. Love your use of the PS set. On both cards ;)

  31. I also must have missed this post as I whizzed up and down my blog feed. First, love the card (I had to buy this stamp set because of this challenge!). Second, don't worry about losing a follower - they obviously didn't appreciate your work!! Just think about the followers you have ;) - quality, not quantity!!


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